Babson College is the Best School for Entrepreneurs

Babson College has been named the best undergraduate program for entrepreneurship.

The fifth annual top entrepreneur school rankings, compiled by Entrepreneur (the magazine) and the Princeton Review, named Babson the #1 undergrad program and the #2 MBA program in the nation.

The rankings are based on the areas of academics and requirements, students and faculty, and outside-the-classroom support and experiences.

UCLA is the most popular college

College enrollment numbers are out from fall of 2016 and they show the most popular colleges in America based on the number of admissions applications received and the biggest college in the US based on student enrollment.

UCLA is the most popular college in the US.

Total admission applications received by UCLA for fall 2016 was 97,121, making UCLA the most popular university in America.

Of course the University of California – Los Angeles campus could not house a class size that large, making admissions decisions very difficult.

UCLA’s popularity continues to increase as it is considered one of the best colleges to attend.