Benefits of internships

If you have been thinking about an internship while pursuing your degree, you have the right idea in mind. Speaking purely from statistics, employers constantly point to internship experience as one of the most important points in their hiring process.

In other words, if you work an internship that is closely related to what you want to do when you graduate you have almost doubled your chances to get hired.

The simple fact of getting valuable interaction with people working in the industry is absolutely priceless. You will be able to see first hand what it takes to be successful in your field and, most importantly, you will be able to practice the skills that you will need to be successful.

Area Kodiak High School students shadow with Coast Guardsmen

Choosing a career is a tough process. It’s a lifelong decision and can be stressful thinking whether or not you are making the right choice. Not that your career choice is set in stone, just switching careers (majors) part way through college can become costly.

We’ve always suggested before selecting your major, consider taking a few related classes or even doing an early internship to make sure it's actually something you want to do. It’s always been one of our top pieces of advice for college students.

Best College Internship Programs

It's time to drop the coffee-getting intern stereotype as we look at these top college internship programs that offer college students not only real work experience, but a chance to get a foot in the door towards a career.

An internship at one of these companies will be fun, knowledgeable and career building and provide a great way to gain experience, determine if you are interested in a certain career, receive on-the-job training and get paid for it at the same time.

When it comes to landing that coveted job after college, you are told countless times you need to be networking. You are told to network, but are unsure of who to network with.

College Student engaging in an Informational Interview

Where do you start?

You don't just go up to someone you don't know and ask for a job. Instead, establish connections with professionals in the field by going out and seeking their advice, insight, and opinion. Deep down people generally will want to help by providing their advice, especially when it comes to an aspiring college student such as yourself.