college mascot

They entertain crowds with their school spirit and antics. They pump up fans loud enough to help sway momentum in their team’s favor. They pose for thousands of fan photos. But what else goes on in the secret world of a mascot?

Here we take an inside look at some things you might not know and see just what it’s like to be a college mascot.

The American way can be summed up in many ways, expressions, and thoughts, but the one thing that will always remain is victory. The strive for dominance can be traced back to the beginning of our civilization. Victory brings us joy, happiness, and a sense of fulfillment, but at what cost?

The lengths of winning takes hard work and dedication, and can bring together an entire community, state, or even nation. Unfortunately, there are some individuals who will take winning a little too far. After careful research and analysis we have assembled the top 5 scandals in college sports history.