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The biggest part of the year for textbook buyback is five weeks between April and May. Timing when to sell your textbooks during that span can be a surprising difference in the price you get for your books. Knowing the supply and demand of textbooks during this period can earn savvy students more cash.

Quick Quote: Find out what your textbooks are worth compiled textbook buyback data for this buyback period and published the results for all to see. The study compared the buyback prices of 20 various textbooks over a five week span, focusing on the five weeks between April and May when most students sell back their books.

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Selling back textbooks can be a great way to recoup some of the costs of the outrageous prices of textbooks. Unfortunately, school bookstores usually only offer a fraction of the original purchase price and in turn sell it again for a nice profit at the expense of students. With May being the biggest month for textbook buyback, now would be a good time to publish the results from our study that compared online textbook sellers. While this study mostly covered where to buy the cheapest textbooks online, we also looked at other items of interest, such as which site offered the highest buyback price.