College Dorm Supplies

College Dorm Supplies

It’s always fun and exciting picking out dorm room supplies and decorating a college dorm.

Not only is it your home while away at college, it is typically a student's first place on their own away from parents.

This combination leads to making sure you have all the college dorm essentials you will need to survive on your own along with all the excess cool dorm decor that you want to decorate your new space.

Decorating a college dorm can become a gratifying, yet challenging task, as many times there is simply not enough room for you and your roommate's stuff. Decorating a dorm room is a test of budgeting, interior design, and organization skills. The key to the perfect college dorm room is finding the perfect combination of all three.

The main question for determining what supplies are needed for a college dorm is:

What is the main purpose of your college dorm?

  • To Entertain?
  • To Sleep?
  • To Do Homework?

Ask yourself these questions to help determine what college dorm supplies are needed to fulfill your dorm room decorating ideas.

  • Will you be doing homework in your room?

    A lot of students are more comfortable doing homework in their dorm room. Of course, there are other options on campus for places to study, but if you plan on doing a lot of homework in your dorm room you will want to consider a nice desk and computer chair combo. Going this route may also lead you to other purchases such as better lighting for reading and writing.

  • Do you plan on having guests over often?

    If you plan on having people over often, you’ll want to make sure you have enough good seating to at least somewhat accommodate everyone. Maybe even consider an extra cot for those that sleep over.

  • Do you want a nice entertainment system?

    Having good speakers, gaming systems and a nice television is a plus for your entertainment, but if it's something you won't be using all the time, it could cost valuable dorm space.

Tips for Buying College Dorm Supplies

  • The main thing to consider when buying college dorm supplies and deciding what to bring to college is space. You can have all the coolest stuff in the world but won’t have enough room for it.
  • The small space of a dorm room is why some of the wisest purchases for college students are storage bins and other items that can help you stay neat and organized.
  • Another overlooked item to dorm room decorating is positioning. If you position your furniture just right it will give you more usable space to work with, not only in appearance, but in walk space and storage area. This is why loft beds are so popular in college dorm rooms.
  • Another thing to consider is the opinion of your roommate. You two (or three) will have to get together to discuss and share what you all want to bring and have in your college dorm. You should find ideas that are acceptable to all roommates.
Cool Dorm Room Ideas
25+ Cool College Dorm Room Ideas

The start of a new school year means a new space for you to design and decorate any way you like. Your college room is like a blank canvas that enables you to create your own ambiance by displaying your favorite colors, photos, memories, lighting, designs and accessories.

When you first enter an empty dorm you may notice the room looks quite minimal and you can’t fathom how you and another roommate are going to live in this space for an entire year. Tiny dorm rooms with cinder block walls, florescent lighting, and little to no carpet come off a little institutional looking and are very uninspiring.

While many colleges around the nation have made a push to design more luxurious dorms over the past few years, it's your job to transform your dorm room into a more livable space. This is your home away from home while you’re going to school, so you’ll want to add as much comfort and personality to the room as possible. Given the small size of the room, designing a college dorm becomes a test in utilizing space in the best possible manner.

Use these dorm room ideas to spur your creativity as you design your space.

Loft Bed Kit

Unless your dorm is like a palace, the thought of cramming two beds, two desks, and two people with all of their stuff into one small room is mind-boggling. It makes one wonder how those with three people to a room survive (and you wondered why so many go home for the weekend). Outside of being a minimalist, your best solution is having a loft bed in your dorm room.

Sure, you can go out and by an expensive loft bed set-up, or pick up a cheap metal frame, but since it's summertime… how about a summer project?

Building your own loft bed is a project that pays off twofold: it will save you money and will allow you to maximize the space of your dorm room. Elevating your bed allows you to place your desk under the loft, giving you more space to arrange your room.