Frank the Tank in Old School

Here is a compiled list of the top ten college-themed movies of all time, and others that aren't so great.

1. Animal House

2. Old School

3. How High

4. Road Trip

5. Van Wilder

6. Revenge of the Nerds

7. PCU

8. Back to School

9. Rudy

10. Deadman on Campus

Animal House

5 Worst College Movies of All Time
1. Decoys
2. Dorm Daze
3. Sorority Boys
4. A Beautiful Mind
5. Drumline

Other notable college-themed movies:
Going Greek
Higher Learning
The Program
School Daze
Van Wilder 2: Return of Taj
Dorm Daze 2
Rules of Attraction
With Honors
Without Limits
Campus Man