College scholarships are great because it provides free money for college that doesn't have to be paid back. There are many types of scholarships out there: Academic Scholarships, Need-Based (Financial) Scholarships, Sports Scholarships, clubs or member-based scholarships, and more.

These Ten Tips will help you in getting scholarships to pay for college:

You have to love scholarships; it's free money for college expenses. The problem with most scholarship websites is that you have to register and sign up for their site before you get to search their scholarship database. This is an annoying and time consuming experience. The main reason scholarship websites do this is to have your email address on file so they can "spam" you, or send monthly updates on scholarships. There are not too many scholarship websites out there that offer free access to searching for scholarships.

There are however a few great scholarship sites out there that have huge databases of scholarships, so it may be worth giving up your email address to gain access to these sources of funding. Some scholarships may be time consuming, requiring a written essay, or something similar, so make sure you qualify for all the requirements and follow college scholarship tips.

Since most scholarship sites require you to enter personal information, it's important to find a site you can trust. You don't want them selling your info or trying to scam you. For instance, many scam scholarship sites ask for a "fee". This should never be the case and if you see this, stay away from the site.

When looking for scholarships, check out these websites that offer an extensive list of current scholarships. These are some of the best scholarships websites out there: