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It can be dreadful trying to wake up for that 7 or 8am class. In those early mornings it can be very tempting to want to sleep in, especially if that class is in the lecture hall with hundreds of other students. No one will know you're not there, right?

College is a demanding, always on-the-run lifestyle that doesn't leave much time for sleep. That reason alone is why Starbucks and Red Bull energy drinks are a big part of keeping us awake and giving us the energy we need to survive the day.

A typical weeknight in college may keep you up until 2am, whether it be due to studying, partying, or other social event. Regardless if you can't fit in what you consider is an ample amount of sleep in one night, it is still imperative that you're getting up and going to class. It's the reason you're going to college in the first place. Don't let all that money spent on tuition go to waste.

Here are a few tips to help you get up in the mornings when you find yourself tempted to sleep in and skip class.

  1. Get up at first instinct
    As soon as your alarm wakes you in the morning, immediately get up and get out of bed. Don't "think" about sleeping in, because you probably will. The longer you lay there half-asleep the more you'll want to keep hitting snooze and the more time you'll find a way to convince yourself to sleep in. Fight off these temptations and awake with a bright outlook on the day.

  2. Place your alarm clock away from your bed
    This forces you out of bed. No matter how tired you are, it can't be satisfying trying to snooze to an alarm going off in your room. When an alarm is placed near the bed, sometimes it can be easy to subconsciously reach over and continually hit the snooze button. Placing the alarm clock away from the bed helps you accomplish #1, which is getting out of bed as soon as you're awake.

  3. Stretch or Exercise
    After following the advice of #1 and #2, it can still be tempting to want to go back to bed. A little blood flow and movement can help wake up your mind and body. This is also good advice for people who wake up with not much of an appetite in the mornings. A little exercise should make you hungry, which is good as I'm told breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

  4. Don't eat before going to bed
    I am not sure what effect food digestion has on falling asleep, but that's not what this article is about. What we're talking about is waking up, and being hungry in the morning is what gets me up and out of bed.

  5. Set coffee to brew in the morning
    If you have an automatic timer on your coffee pot, set it to start brewing just before you're set to wake up. This way when your alarm starts going off, the smell of coffee will start to wake your brain and help get you in morning mode. For those who can't function without their coffee, it also means you have a hot cup waiting for you as soon as you're out of bed.

  6. Open the Curtains/Blinds
    Doing so will allow sunlight to come into your room in the morning. Seeing this natural light will help convince your brain that it's time to get up. If your room gets bright enough, sometimes you won't even need to use an alarm clock to let you know morning has come.

  7. Set your alarm to music
    Set your alarm to music rather than that annoying beep. If you wake up grumpy (because of that annoying sound) you're more likely to roll back over and go back to bed. Set it to a music station that you'll enjoy and that you know will get you out of bed and it might just put you in a better mood to start your day.

  8. Stay motivated
    A lot of people are just lazy and choose to sleep in. It is important that you are motivated for the day to begin. Those that dread the day ahead will not want to wake up in the mornings. Wake up early in the morning wanting to be productive and in doing so you'll feel better about yourself and your accomplishments throughout the day.

  9. Get a Clocky Alarm Clock
    If all else fails, consider this product that is sure to annoy, but will do its job of getting you out of bed in the morning. The Clocky is an alarm clock with wheels that runs around the room when the alarm goes off and doesn't stop until you find it and shut it off. A device like this easily takes care of tips 1-3 on this list.

I know some mornings can be difficult, but it is important that you're getting up on time and going to class. Some people are more effective at their work in the mornings, so maybe even try waking up an hour or two earlier than you normally would and being productive. But it's true, some people are just not morning people. If this is the case for you, try not to schedule college courses before 10am.