What should you look for when visiting a college?

College Tour

When visiting schools that you're interested in attending, there are plenty of items to keep in mind as you explore the school that you'll be spending the next four or more years of your life at.

If the school is on your list to visit, it's safe to assume they've already provided you with enough information about the academic program you're planning to get into. But just because it's explained beautifully on paper doesn't mean you shouldn't go check it out for yourself.

When searching for the perfect college, one college decision factor to make is whether to attend a private college or a public university. While most private colleges have more prestige and are more recognized, public colleges can be more fitting if you have a budget for your tuition. There are obviously many pros and cons to weigh when making this decision, so it's best to sit down and evaluate your options before committing to a school.