Playboy's Top Party Schools for 2010

Playboy's ranking of the Top 10 party schools was released today, making it the 5th time the publication has published the list in its 57-year history. In 2009, Playboy announced it would make the list an annual feature in the magazine. The magazine’s first list, Top 40 Party Colleges, appeared in the January 1987 issue with Chico State taking the #1 spot.

This year's #1 goes to the University of Texas at Austin (who was also ranked 7th in the Princeton Review ranking). Arizona State is the only school to appear in all five of Playboy's rankings.

What's New
Also included in this year’s ranking is a “Best in Class” series which gives honorable mention to 23 additional schools in certain categories. These categories range from “Hottest Cheerleaders” (USC) to “Best Halloween Party” (Ohio University, which also receives recognition as one of the nation's best college traditions).

The ranking is determined by Playboy’s editors, with input from the magazine’s campus representatives, models, photographers, online voters, and student readers.

Playboy's Top 10 Party Schools 2010

1. University of Texas at Austin
2. West Virginia University
3. University of Wisconsin-Madison
4. University of Miami
5. East Carolina University
6. Arizona State University
7. Rollins College
8. University of California-Santa Barbara
9. Plymouth State University
10. University of Iowa

"Best in Class"

Hottest Girls: Arizona State University
Best Halloween Party: Ohio University
Best Living Mascot: Uga, the University of Georgia bulldog
Best Unofficial Mascot: Scrotie, of the RISD hockey team the Nads
Best Fish-In-A-Barrel College: Sarah Lawrence, where 73 percent of the student body is female
Best Harmless Prank: Antiquing—dusting your friend's face with flour
Best College Sports Bar: The Houndstooth in Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Hottest Cheerleaders: The USC Song Girls
Best Student Section, Basketball: MSU's Izzone, named after Coach Izzo
Best College Radio Station: WSOU, Seton Hall
Best College Drinking Innovation: The Flabongo, a beer bong made out of a lawn flamingo
Hottest Major: Nursing [check out UNC-Chapel Hill]
Best Catholic Party School: Marquette
Best College Sandwich: Fat Philly from the Rutgers grease trucks: two chicken fingers, cheesesteak, gyro meat, two mozzarella sticks, white and red sauces, lettuce and tomato
Best Ivy League Party School: N/A
Best Course: Honors College 299: Far Side Entomology, at Oregon State University
Worst Course: Tree Climbing, Cornell
Hottest New College Sport: Sand volleyball (begins next academic year)
College That Sounds Fun But Isn’t: UNLV
Best Surf School: University of Hawaii
Best Name For Beer Pong: Beer Pong
Best College-Supported Art Project: Brandeis's Liquid Latex Body Art Show.
Hottest College Girlfriend: Baylor's Rachel Glandorf, who dated [and is now engaged to] Texas QB Colt McCoy
Worst Party School: Tie between BYU and Oral Roberts

Previous Rankings


1. University of Miami
2. University of Texas - Austin
3. San Diego State University
4. University of Florida
5. University of Arizona
6. University of Wisconsin - Madison
7. University of Georgia
8. Louisiana State University
9. University of Iowa
10. West Virginia University


1. University of Wisconsin - Madison
2. UC Santa Barbara
3. Arizona State
4. Indiana
5. San Diego State
6. Florida State
7. Ohio University
8. University of Georgia
9. University of Tennessee
10. McGill University


1. Arizona State
2. Chico State
3. Rollins
4. Louisiana State
5. West Virginia
6. Colorado
7. Wisconsin
8. Connecticut
9. Kansas
10. San Diego State
11. Georgia
12. Ohio State
13. Iowa State
14. Florida State
15. Colorado State
16. Florida
17. Tulane
18. Washington State
19. East Carolina
20. Michigan State
21. Mississippi
22. UC Santa Barbara
23. Lehigh
24. Vanderbilt
25. James Madison

1987 - Top 40 Party Colleges

1. Chico State
2. Miami
3. San Diego State
4. Vermont
5. Slippery Rock
6. Connecticut
7. West Virginia
8. Plymouth State
9. Mercer
10. Virginia
11. SUNY – Cortland
12. Colorado State
13. Arizona State
14. UNLV
15. Boston U.
16. Central Michigan
17. Southern Illinois
18. Ball State
19. Oklahoma State
20. Central Connecticut
21. Maryland
22. Mississippi
23. Western Georgia
24. Texas
25. MIT
26. Kansas
27. Kansas State
28. Glassboro State
29. Florida
30. Eastern Kentucky
31. Iowa
32. Oklahoma
33. Brown
34. Ohio U.
35. UMass
36. Georgia
37. LSU
38. Missouri – Rolla
39. Reed College
40. Fairhaven College