College Party Themes

Foam Party

Whether you are in college or not, it doesn't really matter, everyone likes to party every now and then. Partying can be even more entertaining when participants dress up or have a themed party. Nobody says the only time you have to dress up is on Halloween. A college theme party brings a certain cool and fun vibe to any college mixer or gathering and enables students to show off their creativity and sense of humor.

Throwing a theme party in college will ease people's comfort zones, which is important for getting underclassmen to relax and feel like they can be themselves. Even a shy person can really come out of their shell during a costume party because they feel that they fit in to the environment.

Quick Note:
Be responsible (and the coolest one at the party). Carry a portable breathalyzer.

College Party Theme Ideas

    Blacklight Party Pic
  1. Graffiti Party - (aka blacklight party) This is where everyone brings a marker and wears white shirts and writes on each other. Some also use a highlighter and black light combination that makes all markings glow. The cool thing about the black light/highlighter combo is that you can't really see what is written until you are in the black light. Some parties will keep the normal lights on during most of the party while everyone writes on each other, then toward the end, flip on the black light to see what people wrote. It makes for some entertaining reads!

  2. Decades Parties: 60's, 70's or 80's. Dress up like that era and play that decade's music: 70's - Hippie themed.; 80's - Ideas are endless here. Dress up as an icon from the 80s: Ghostbusters, etc.

  3. Mardi Gras - Beads being tossed, shirts going up and liquor going down, this is always a wild one.

  4. Luau - Hawaiian shirts, bikinis, grass skirts and drinks served out of coconuts. People love the Hawaiian vibe. This is a good party theme to throw in the spring, right before summer starts to get people in that summertime mood. Be sure to bring the piña coladas and Malibu Rum!

  5. Foam Party - You just rent a foam machine and people walk around rooms that are covered in foam. People end up getting quite slippery, so you never know what will happen! This is one of the coolest parties you can throw, though you almost have to have a linoleum or hard floor. A foam party is a guaranteed good time.

  6. Pimps and Hoes - A classic party theme and another party for girls to wear revealing outfits: girls dress provocatively and guys dress like pimps. Though seeing a pimp hat gets old, it's interesting to see what outfits girls will show up in.

  7. Margaritaville/Buffet Bash - (aka beach party) Jimmy Buffet/Beach theme. Bonus if you bring in sand for this one. There have been stories of people throwing these kind of parties in houses about to be torn down. What you do is bring in a bunch of sand to your place of party and crank the heat all the way up. This is a really cool party theme to do in the winter.

  8. Greek College Party Theme
  9. Toga Party - This Greek classic would make John Belushi proud. Though it may be overplayed a bit, it can still be a kick every now and then. For guys it's a great way to show off muscles, while girls...well it's a great way to show off everything else they are showing off on this list.

  10. Anything but Clothes Party Picture
  11. ABC Party - Anything But Clothes. Party goers must show up in "Anything But Clothes". Use your imagination here: Duct Tape, plastic bags, towel, cardboard box, etc.

  12. Casino Night - Bring out the gambling addict and the party animal in everyone. Sometimes these type of parties may have a serious feel to it and you may have to act proper and classy, but nearly everyone becomes competitive when they're drinking.

  13. White Trash Party - Now you have a reason to wear that torn up wife beater with holes in public.

  14. Pajama Party
  15. Pajama Party - Also goes by "kegs and eggs" - wear pajamas and stay up all night until you cook breakfast in the morning. At least you'll be all set when you're ready to pass out at this party.

  16. CEOs and Office hoes - A classy formal attire party with a little provocativeness involved. In a way, this is the white collar pimps and hoes party.

  17. Cops and Robbers Party Pic
  18. Cops and Robbers - Pick partners and be handcuffed all night. Though handcuffs are optional, this is a good one for that good girl/bad boy combo, or the bad girl/good boy combo. Either way, bandits will be making out tonight.

  19. Club - Girls will enjoy any type of club atmosphere where dancing is involved.

  20. Wild West Theme Party Pic
  21. Cowboys & Indians - (aka Wild West party) Pretty self-explanatory: dress up as either a Cowboy or Indian at this theme party.

  22. Rags to Riches - You dress up in rags or riches and at first you sit outside and drink cheap beer. You can't go inside until the cheap keg is done, then you go in the house and have the expensive beer/wine/etc.

  23. Angels & Devils - A costume mixer. It's always interesting to see which girls dress up as what.

  24. "Head banger's Ball" - Black leather/chains type costumes.

  25. Catholic School - Girls dress like Catholic school girls, plaid skirt and all, boys in shirts and ties. They each get a partner, one person is hall monitor and gives out detentions, one person is principal and you get sent to the office if you get detention. If you get detention, punishment is to take whatever shot the principal gives you. Confessing your sins the next day...optional.

  26. Bikers and Babes - No, not the mountain biking kind.

  27. Disco Party - Though we wouldn't recommend playing disco music all night nor wearing roller skates while drinking.

  28. Shower Party - You can throw a shower party if you have a huge shower room with lots of showers (Greek houses). People come in swim attire and a keg is usually brought in. Girls where bikinis or white T-shirts, as the close proximity to water makes for a nice wet T-shirt contest.

  29. Alcoholics Party - Everyone gets a "Hello my name is ________" sticker and writes a name on it.

  30. Rave - Like you are at a club. Bring your glow sticks!

Non-Costume Party Themes

  1. Bonfire - Great outdoors fun and a great way to burn and get rid of any scrap wood or spare couches you have. These are even better during cold winters. (Just don't get drunk and try and jump over the fire.)

  2. Spodi Party
  3. Spodi or Spodee-odee - While not a costume party, a Spodi party is still a party favorite mixed of your favorite fruit, juices, and alcoholic beverages. You will definitely feed your daily Vitamin C/alcohol crave here.

  4. Luge - You carve channels in a huge ice block and pour alcohol down it (with optional mixer). Your mouth (placed at the bottom end of the ice luge) then receives a perfectly chilled shot thanks to the ice. Pretty cool idea, just take it slow and pace yourself.
  5. Ice Luge Party

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