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Parties can be one of the best things about college. Many colleges don't like to be labeled as a party school, so here's what they don't want you to know. Rather than making a limited list of the Top 10 party schools, we have included all colleges that are the biggest partiers.

Here are the best party schools:

  • WVU - West Virginia is almost always at the top of every top 10 party school list. This place is insane!
  • Couch Burning
  • UCSB (Santa Barbara) - Right on the beach. Great Halloween parties. Located in Isla Vista, Del Playa Drive is where it's at.
  • ASU - Hot weather + hot babes = hot parties. Tempe also has some cool local bars, including The Library and Dos Gringos Trailer Park Bar.
  • San Diego State - Surf, study and party. Being in San Diego is the perfect place for all three, plus being close to Mexico is a bonus.
  • Washington State University - aka "Wazzu". Nothing to do in this small town of Pullman but drink beer.
  • Wisconsin-Madison - Another beer city with a huge bar scene.
  • Indiana-Bloomington - Bloomington is a small college town with a ton of students always looking to party. Its big event is the Little 500, a top college tradition involving a bicycle race modeled off of the Indy 500.
  • UCSB Halloween Party
  • Mississippi - Huge Greek scene and home to the one of the best tailgating sites in America: The Grove.
  • Texas - A huge student body guarantees there will always be lots of partying.
  • Ohio University - Another great party school that has a huge Halloween party that attracts college partiers from all over.
  • Florida State - Made the list on Playboy's Top 10 Party Schools.
  • Penn State - Was ranked #2 in a recent list of Princeton Review's Top Party Schools.
  • Chico State - For a smaller school (compared to others on this list), Chico State packs a big punch when it comes to partying. It topped Playboy's very first ranking of party schools way back in 1987 and was named #2 in 2002. The annual Chico Labor Day Float alone puts the school on this list.
  • University of Arizona - There is something about hot weather that brings out the partying in people.
  • Alabama - Alabama parties so hard even their old football Coach Mike Price was fired for his conduct around Alabama.
  • Party
  • LSU - Tailgating and college football.
  • Florida - You can always find a party here as it's one of the largest colleges in the nation with an enrollment of over 50,000.
  • Iowa - Big bar scene in the city of Iowa City.
  • Georgia - There is something about college football and partying that just seem to go together.
  • Tennessee - See above.
  • University of Colorado - Boulder
    Colorado is home to reefer madness: every April 10,000+ turn out for the annual 4/20 smoke-out on campus. Boulder is also great for beer with four breweries in town.
  • SUNY Albany and SUNY Oneonta (aka Stoneonta) - Just check out the Kegs and Eggs weekend at Albany. 'Nuff said.
  • East Carolina University - Yet another school who is on this list just because of their Halloween party.

Others party schools worth mentioning:

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