Easiest Colleges to get into

If you are looking for an easy college to get into, you may want to first look in-state, in your state of residence. Local community colleges and tech schools will pretty much accept any applicant who applies for admission. Many in-state four-year schools also go a little easier on in-state students, admissions wise.

Some in-state universities will even guarantee admission to resident students who complete a two-year associates (AA) degree at a local community college. This is the case in Washington State, which even offers eligible students free tuition.

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Check your admission chances at these colleges with high acceptance rates:

  1. Ashford University
  2. Everest University
  3. Kaplan University

If it's a flexible schedule you desire, you can always consider enrolling in an online school.

On a national level, here are some notable colleges that are easy to get into, as they are colleges with some of the highest acceptance rates.

  1. Weber State University - This Utah University has a 100% acceptance rate.

  2. Youngstown State University - Located in Ohio, Youngstown State is also the cheapest public university in Ohio.

  3. University of Texas - El Paso - UTEP has over a 99% undergrad acceptance rate. It is also the largest university in the nation with a majority Hispanic student population.

  4. University of Texas - San Antonio - San Antonio has an acceptance rate of 99.38%.

  5. Evergreen State College - A liberal arts school that gives evaluations of students' work rather than grades.

  6. University of Wyoming - Wyoming maintains one of the lowest student-faculty ratios in the west.

  7. Kent State University - Kent State is the third largest university in Ohio.

  8. Utah State University - Another Utah college on the list that is affordable and easy to get into.

  9. South Dakota State University - Has shown increased enrollment numbers over the years.

  10. King College - A small university located in Tennessee.

While these schools may not be some of the top colleges in the nation, or the most popular, they still provide a quality college education.

Most of these colleges are located in the less-populated states of Utah, South Dakota and Wyoming and can be fairly cheaper for the student.

These colleges definitely make it easier for students to get accepted than other colleges with tough admissions, notably those trying to get into an Ivy League School.

If you are considering online colleges, be sure to check out these online schools that have near 100% acceptance rates:

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