Best Business School Programs

The Harvard Business School is the best business school
  1. Harvard
    The Harvard Business School has a great faculty making it one of the best business schools out there. Of course, it helps that Harvard is one of the best colleges to attend and constantly ranks among America's top colleges. The Harvard Business School offers its students cross-registration at the MIT Sloan School of Management, both in Cambridge, giving business majors two great learning environments.

  2. Top Online Programs

    Washington State University
    Colorado State University
  3. Stanford
    Being in the heart of the Silicon Valley, the Stanford Business School is a perfect school for the entrepreneur. In an area surrounded by business startups, Stanford’s business program has close ties with venture capital and tech firms from around the Silicon Valley. Admission to the Stanford Business School is very difficult, as typically less than 10% of applicants are accepted into the program.

  4. MIT
    The MIT Sloan School of Management offers a wide range of business courses for its students. Outside of being one of the hardest colleges to get into, the academic level of coursework is considered extremely rigorous by business school standards.

  5. University of Pennsylvania
    The University of Pennsylvania's business school, or the Wharton School, was the first established business school. Its 8-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio is one of the smallest in the nation. Penn's business school continues to rank as one of the top business programs in the nation year in and year out.

  6. University of California–Berkeley
    The UC Berkeley Business School is known as the Haas School of Business. It is the oldest and one of the best business schools available at a public university.

  7. University of Michigan
    The business school of the University of Michigan is the Ross School of Business. It was claimed to be the best business school by the Wall Street Journal in 2006. Over the last couple of years the business school has really staked its claim as being one of the top business programs.

  8. Columbia
    The Columbia Business School, being in New York City, is known for its close ties to Wall Street. It offers many investing-related business courses. Columbia is a well diversified business school with a tough admissions rate. Being a very prestigious school, one must first focus on getting accepted.

  9. University of Virginia
    The Darden Graduate School of Business Administration is a top business school really known for its emphasis on Management. It has many current and former CEOs among its notable alumni.

  10. University of Chicago
    The Chicago Business School is the second oldest business college in the nation. The business school is known as one of the best, notably in the fields of finance, economics, quantitative marketing and accounting. It’s the first business school to ever offer a PhD and is home to the first academic business journal. In a recent survey, University of Chicago business school grads were the favorite of all companies that hire MBAs.

  11. Northwestern University
    The business school at Northwestern University is the Kellogg School of Management. The Kellogg School is really known for its emphasis on teamwork, constantly changing curriculum, and its entrepreneurial culture, making it one of the top business entrepreneur programs in the nation.

Other noteworthy business schools:

Top Online Business School Programs

Some business school students are already working established office jobs, therefore attending class at a physical campus can become difficult at times.

For those who are considering earning a degree online, take a look at Colorado State, Washington State University, and Keller School of Management—all who have solid online programs.