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Top 100 Colleges by highest total cost

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Here are the top 100 most expensive colleges by total cost for the 2008-2009 school year.

Total Cost = Tuition + Room and Board

1. Sarah Lawrence College$53,166
2. George Washington University$50,312
3. New York University$50,182
4. Georgetown University$49,689
5. Connecticut College$49,385
6. Bates College$49,350
7. Johns Hopkins University$49,278
8. Skidmore College$49,266
9. Scripps College$49,236
10. Middlebury College$49,210
11. Carnegie Mellon University$49,200
12. Boston College$49,020
13. Wesleyan University$49,000
14. Colgate University$48,900
15. Claremont McKenna College$48,755
16. Vassar College$48,675
17. Haverford College$48,625
18. University of Chicago$48,588
19. Union College (NY)$48,552
20. Colby College$48,520
21. Mount Holyoke College$48,500
22. Tufts University$48,470
23. Bard College at Simon's Rock$48,460
24. Franklin & Marshall College$48,450
25. Bard College$48,438
26. University of Southern California$48,394
27. Harvey Mudd College$48,373
28. Bowdoin College$48,170
29. Bucknell University$48,162
30. University of Pennsylvania$48,148
31. Cornell University$48,144
32. St. Johns college$48,138
33. Vanderbilt University$48,128
34. Babson College$48,116
35. Northwestern University$48,051
36. Hamilton College$48,030
37. Bennington College$47,960
38. Boston University$47,958
39. Barnard College$47,898
40. Tulane University$47,894
41. Oberlin College$47,882
42. Reed College$47,880
43. Hampshire College$47,869
44. Smith College$47,860
45. Carleton College$47,838
46. Washington University in St. Louis$47,836
47. Duke University$47,810
47. Eugene Lang College$47,810
49. Wellesley College$47,740
50. Wheaton College (MA)$47,735
51. Dartmouth College$47,694
52. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute$47,680
53. Hobart and William Smith College$47,506
54. Dickinson College$47,500
55. Swarthmore College$47,468
56. Columbia University$47,450
57. Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering$47,400
58. St. Lawrence University$47,320
59. Williams College$47,290
60. Worcester Polytechnic Institute$47,270
61. Bryn Mawr College$47,220
62. Stanford University$47,212
63. Lafayette College$47,152
64. Pepperdine University$47,130
65. University of Richmond$47,050
66. Lehigh University$47,020
66. Villanova University$47,020
68. MIT$47,000
68. Cooper Union$47,000
70. College of the Holy Cross$46,970
71. Brown University$46,950
72. Wake Forest University$46,920
73. Brandeis University$46,868
74. Trinity College (CT)$46,764
75. Amherst College$46,760
76. Gettysburg College$46,700
77. University of Notre Dame$46,680
78. Occidental College$46,430
79. Emory University$46,372
80. Fairfield University$46,360
81. Santa Clara University$46,020
82. Yale University$46,000
83. Loyola Marymount University$45,709
84. Princeton University$45,695
85. Kenyon College$45,670
85. Stevens Institute of Technology$45,670
87. Ursinus College$45,550
88. Mills College$45,440
89. Pitzer College$45,430
90. Pomona College$45,383
91. Rollins College$45,300
92. University of San Diego$45,292
93. Chapman University$45,286
94. American University$45,234
95. University of Miami$45,088
96. Macalester College$44,976
97. Colorado College$44,940
98. Case Western Reserve University$44,900
99. Loyola College in Maryland$44,880
100. Northeastern University$44,830
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