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Most Expensive College Dorms

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Monday, 17 November 2008

The price of room and board at college continues to increase just as much as the rate of tuition. The average room and board expense for the 2008-2009 school year at public colleges is $7,748 and $8,989 at private colleges, an average cost that has gone up about 5% since last year. Looking at the rankings, many of the most expensive dorms are where you would expect them to be; in the heavily populated areas of California, New York and Washington DC.

Room and board is a huge expense. Take NYU for example, which ranks in with the 42nd highest tuition, but with room and board added in it gives NYU a total cost of over $50,000, placing it as the 3rd most expensive school in the nation. Take Sarah Lawrence College as another example; tuition at Sarah Lawrence is $39,450 making it the 8th highest tuition wise, but add in the whopping $13,716 for room and board and it easily becomes the most expensive college in the country.

These rankings are figured by taking the estimated cost of room and board for the school year. Prices are for a standard double room.

  1. Eugene Lang College
    Room and Board: $15,460
    Eugene Lang

  2. Cooper Union
    Room and Board: $14,000
    Cooper Union
    Photo Credit

  3. Suffolk University
    Room and Board: $13,970
    Suffolk University

  4. Sarah Lawrence College
    Room and Board: $13,716
    Sarah Lawrence College
    Photo Credit

  5. University of California - Berkeley
    Room and Board: $13,170

  6. Manhattanville College
    Room and Board: $13,040
    Manhattanville College

  7. University of California - Santa Cruz
    Room and Board: $13,038
    UC - Santa Cruz

  8. UCLA
    Room and Board: $12,891
    Photo Credit

  9. NYU
    Room and Board: $12,810
    Photo Credit

  10. Marymount Manhattan College
    Room and Board: $12,660
    Marymount Manhattan College

The Top 15

CollegeRoom and Board
1. Eugene Lang College$15,460
2. Cooper Union$14,000
3. Suffolk University$13,970
4. Sarah Lawrence College$13,716
5. University of California - Berkeley$13,170
6. Manhattanville College$13,040
7. UC - Santa Cruz$13,038
8. UCLA$12,891
9. NYU$12,810
10. Marymount Manhattan College$12,660
11. American University $12,418
12. Olin College of Engineering$12,400
13. Georgetown University$12,153
14. Drexel University$12,135
15. Smith College$12,050
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