Benefits of getting an MBA

After getting a Bachelor's degree, one may ask, Should I get an MBA?

Here a graduate student faces the decision of either entering the workforce or going for a graduate degree.

An MBA is a very competitive degree and involves a lot of hard work. However, with an MBA comes many benefits, including:

  • More Pay - Having an MBA will get you a better salary.

  • New Opportunities - Getting an MBA can lead to a career change for the better, with your new expertise.

  • Business Connections - Meet fellow MBA students, who will later become business contacts.

  • Mold yourself to be the Managerial type - The MBA is tremendously beneficial to those who wish to work in management.

  • Defer Student Loans longer - While you are attending classes you can put a hold on any student loan payments with an in-school deferment.

  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field - Others around you will appreciate your hard work and dedication.

  • Promotion - An MBA can help you move up the corporate ladder faster.

  • Looks good on a resume - Give yourself an advantage over other job candidates.

  • Self-Satisfaction - Knowing you have an MBA.

  • Personal Development - You are getting two years of high quality education.

  • Increased subject knowledge - Learn the strategies of thinking and acting like a manager.

  • Flexibility - An MBA is something you can work toward while still maintaining a job away from school.

With tuition alone at the Harvard Business School at just under $40,000, an MBA will give you more college debt. Even with the combined student loans, the investment in education is worth the debt.

Getting a business degree from one of the top business schools would be impressive. Especially one from an Ivy League school with tough admissions.

If you can, talk to others who have earned an MBA so you can get a feel of what it's like. If you do decide to work after getting your first degree, many companies offer programs that will help pay for college courses for those who wish to work toward an MBA. Of course, there is always the option of getting an MBA online.