Best College Internship Programs

Google is the best internship program

It's time to drop the coffee getting intern stereotype and look at these Top 10 internship programs for college students.

An internship at one of these companies will be fun, knowledgeable and career building.

It is a great way to gain experience and determine if you are interested in a certain career, receive on-the-job training and get paid for it at the same time. The typical college internship program last 8-12 weeks during the summer months.

  1. Google - Working at Google has many perks, like three free gourmet meals a day, a game room, a lap pool, a rock climbing wall and just an overall great culture. Some people even compare it to a college-like atmosphere. Being a Google intern may be your best shot at a career at the GooglePlex, considering Google only hired 2200 regular job applicants out of over a million last year.

  2. Microsoft - The Microsoft internship is a 12-week-long program. There won't be any coffee fetching here; interns do the same work as regular hires. The program is topped off with a summer BBQ at Bill Gates' house.

  3. Southwest Airlines - Headquartered in Dallas, TX, the Southwest Airlines internship program is a great way for college students to both work and travel over summer break. Especially with their biggest perk being Free Unlimited Southwest Airlines travel. Southwest also offers career development classes and has a casual dress code, which is great for that summer heat.

  4. Apple - The Apple Internship Program is a 12-week paid summer internship in the Silicon Valley. Apple's casual work environment also has benefits such as relocation assistance, a medical plan, and employee discounts on Apple products.

  5. Genentech - The Genentech Internship Program is an intensive 10-12 week summer program. Interns are placed in project teams of research, development, manufacturing or business areas related to their major. Genentech prefers college juniors who major in life or physical sciences or chemical engineering for its internship program. The company was also named one of Fortune's Best Companies to Work for.

  6. Edward Jones - Interested in being a Stock Broker? New brokers at Edward Jones get mentored by a veteran broker for a whole year. Interns are put through a cross-training experience and are given training in Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Products & Services, Research, Sales, Hiring & Training, Service, and Trust.

  7. Nike - Nike internships last from June 19 - August 24 in Beaverton, Oregon near Portland. The best perks of interning at Nike include a membership at their state-of-the-art fitness centers and access to the Nike Employee Store.

  8. Pixar - A Pixar internship lets student interns work assisting in the production of a feature film. It's a great internship position for Linux or UNIX users and those interested in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Art.

  9. Sun (Now Oracle) - An internship at Sun Microsystems is a year round internship with the goal of hiring the student upon graduation. Most of the internships in the San Francisco Bay area are available for business, engineering, and computer science majors. Besides having a casual work environment and a casual dress code, other perks at Sun include free software, access to Sun University Classes, and a fitness center.

  10. Exxon Mobil - Here is your chance to work for the company that tops the Fortune 500 list nearly every year. An internship is a great way towards career development and getting a job after college. An internship at Exxon is the best way to get your foot in the door, while receiving competitive pay at the same time. Most internships are filled through on-campus interviews so look out for the next career fair to get into this 10-14 week summer program.

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