Average Starting Salary by Degree for 2009

A 2009 salary survey report shows that the average starting salary offer for recent college graduates is $49,307, according to NACE. Compare that to last year's average of $49,693, and that's less than a 1% change.

Many of this year's graduates are being offered salaries that are very comparable to last year's, meaning the economy may not be as bad as we think. Although it (the economy) may have an impact on how many college grads are actually hired. We'll have to wait a few months for the data to come through to see if this is the case.

Here are the average starting salaries for a bachelor’s degree for 2009 graduates.

MajorSalary% change from 2008
Chemical Engineering $64,902.00+2.70%
Computer Engineering $61,738.00 +3.60%
Computer Science $61,407.00+1.60%
Electrical Engineering $60,125.00+5.60%
Engineering $59,254.00+3.70%
Information Sciences $52,089.00 -<1%
Civil Engineering $52,048.00+0.80%
Finance $49,940.00+2.90%
Economics $49,829.00-1.30%
Accounting $48,993.00+1.90%
Business $47,239.00+<1%
Business Administration $44,944.00-2.10%
Marketing $43,325.00+3.00%
History $37,861.00+1.70%
Liberal Arts $36,175.00-<1%
English $34,704.00+1.10%
Psychology $34,284.00+2.10%
Sociology $33,280.00-4.40%