The 10 Most Forgotten Items and a Printable 'What to Bring to College' List

  1. Headphones - An easily lost item, headphones make those early morning walks to class a little more upbeat and bearable. Stay away from tangles and cut the cords with wireless headphones.

  2. Toothbrush - Bathroom items are easily forgotten in the haste to get out the door. If you forget yours, you can probably grab one at the campus health department for free. Or, consider upgrading to an electric toothbrush.

  3. Flip Flops - You won’t want to forget these (for your own health) if you’re sharing a bathroom with an entire floor of people. Grab something you can easily slip in and out of.

  4. Chargers - A charger is one of those items that is a pain to leave behind, but you never feel too bad about having to buy another, as they are good to have as a spare.

  5. Lock - Theft is one of the main downsides of being on a college campus. Protect your belongings in a locker, lock up your bike, and consider a laptop lock. You’ll never know exactly when you need an item like this, but it’s always good to have one on hand for peace of mind in protecting your stuff.

  6. Swimsuit - This is one of those items you don’t think you’ll end up needing, but you’ll never know where an impromptu meetup will take you in college. From jumping in the lake to a late-night relax in the hot tub, something to swim in is essential in college.

  7. USB Drive - You’ll be using multiple different computers and printers at college, making this a convenient item for any highly-efficient student.

  8. Ibuprofen/Tylenol - Whether you study hard or play hard, these will come in handy at some point during your college stay.

  9. Fan - This is a must-have item not only for providing a cool breeze, but a constant noise that can help you fall asleep at night.

  10. Sunglasses/Glasses - We’ve all been there. Make a personal note to remember to bring these or download a printable what to bring to college checklist below.

With college starting soon, use a college packing checklist as reference when determining what to bring.

Notes about what to bring to college:

  1. Coordinate with your roommate on who is bringing what so you don't end up with two of the same thing. There is only so much room in a dorm.
  2. Check with your college and see what items are allowed. Some dorms prohibit certain small appliances.

Quick tips for purchasing items for college:

  1. Check campus classifieds and Craigslist. Buying used is obviously going to be cheaper.
  2. Shop thrift stores and places like Target for more affordable items.
  3. Order from and get it shipped for free with Amazon Prime (free for students for the first 6 months).

We have created printable "What to Bring to College" lists for both guys and girls.

Download and Print your list below (PDF):

What to Bring to College: Guys

What to Bring to College: Girls

March Madness: 2017 NCAA Tournament Bracket

March Madness is officially among us as we enter into one of the greatest showings of school spirit found in the college scene: The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Across the country, teams from 68 schools have been placed into the 2017 NCAA tournament bracket. If you're one of over 40 million Americans who will be filling out a bracket this year, download and print your bracket and follow along all the action that we come to love in March.

This year's #1 seeds go to Villanova, Kansas, Kentucky and Gonzaga with the National Championship being played on April 3rd in Glendale, Arizona.

View 2017 Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket (PDF)

College Budgeting 101: How to Save Money as a College Student

Being a college student usually means living and surviving on a cheap budget. Some of you may be pretty good at pinching your pennies and getting by, while others take out student loans and get themselves further into debt. Either way, all of us could use some additional advice and ideas on stretching our dollar just a bit further.

Here are some of the best ways to save money on a college campus. Follow these money saving tips and master the true art of living on a college budget.

How to Save Money in College

New Year Inspiration for Students

You're in college for a reason.

You're here to improve yourself and invest in your future. For most, it’s not an easy ride. It’s meant to be a challenge because that is the only way to personal growth. A new year provides new hope, new aspirations, and a newfound energy to succeed.

Let’s kick it off with an inspirational video that is sure to light a fire in your drive and determination to succeed in school and beyond.

Motivation and Inspiration for Students

10 Steps to Landing a Fulfilling Job After College

  1. Network/Connect with Professors - Professors are the middleman between students and professionals in the field. They are full of useful knowledge and live a life dedicated to helping out students and watching them succeed. If there is a certain professor you have taken a liking to, they can write you excellent recommendation letters and give you an idea of what to expect in the workforce. [Read: How to Connect with Professors]

  2. Use the Career Center - Against popular belief, you can still use the career center after you’ve graduated from college. They are there for a reason, so use the resources you have available to you. They have a dedicated staff to help you with one thing: getting a job after college. The career center can assist you with your resume, show you available jobs related to your major, and practice everything from mock interviews to crafting the perfect cover letter for the position you are applying for.

  3. Schedule Informational Interviews - An informational interview is your chance to explore a certain career in a question-answer session with a professional in the field. You not only gain priceless knowledge of the field, but you make a connection in the industry that may just be able to point you to the right people or opportunity. This is a good starting point, along with visiting the career center, if you have your degree and aren’t sure where to start.

  4. Show up in-person - Showing up is half the battle. It shows persistence and dedication. So make an appearance. Be present. Shake hands. Meet people. Introduce yourself. Ask questions. Make sure prospective employers are able to put a face to a name.
  5. “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” ― Woody Allen

  6. Attend Career Fairs - Take these as networking opportunities. This is part of going out and meeting people. The more you involve yourself in activities like these, the more they become comfortable. Talk to as many people as you can. Showing courage to approach, initiate, and showcase people skills goes a long way in these opportunities to network. Recruiters make note of these brief meetings, so just taking this one small step forward can only be beneficial.

  7. Intern - It’s not too late. Many internship programs will accept you within one year of graduation. It may be tough to stomach the fact of doing an internship after you already have a degree, but you have to remember, you get what you give. While many internships actually offer decent pay, the reward here is the added experience you receive and, most importantly, the connections you make while working these jobs.

  8. Don’t Chase the Money - Stick to things you want to do. If you don’t think an opportunity will be fulfilling, then why do it? We’re only here once. Go with your instincts.

  9. Be Enthusiastic and Stay Positive - Keep the faith. Good things take time to develop. Don’t expect an overnight success. In times of perseverance you grow more than you imagine. As a fresh college grad, it is an exciting time and you should be hungry to begin your career. Show a passion for what you are applying for. This goes hand-in-hand with the previous item. You want to have passion and drive for what you are getting yourself involved in so your heart is fully in it, otherwise it will become a job that will suck the soul right out of you. You only live once. Remember that.
  10. “Freedom is useless if we don’t exercise it as characters making choices . . . Few things are as encouraging as the realization that things can be different and that we have a role in making them so.” ― Daniel Taylor

  11. Relax and Be Yourself - During any job interviews, open up and allow the interviewer to really get to know you. Tell a story that brings out some positive traits about you. Feel free to go off topic in the interview room. Just having great in-depth conversations with the interviewer can build a strong enough bond and connection to get you hired.

  12. Focus on what you can do now - Getting too caught up in an unknown future can only lead to anxiety. Do one thing every day that can help you towards the career you want to be in.
  13. “If you are depressed you are living in the past.
    If you are anxious you are living in the future.
    If you are at peace you are living in the present.”

    ― Lao Tzu

Best College Internship Programs

Google has one of the top internship programs for college students

It's time to drop the coffee-getting intern stereotype as we look at these top college internship programs that offer college students not only real work experience, but a chance to get a foot in the door towards a career. An internship at one of these companies will be fun, knowledgeable and career building and provide a great way to gain experience, determine if you are interested in a certain career, receive on-the-job training and get paid for it at the same time.

These are the Ivy League of internship programs. Getting into the program is the hard part. The reward is the work experience you will receive and the future job offers that come as a result of completing these coveted internship programs.

These are world-class programs with well-respected companies that involve students in projects that give them an opportunity to lead, be a part of a team, and provide a fresh take on new ideas for the company. These internships are so selective that just being offered a position and successfully completing the program at one of these companies can add a significant accomplishment to any resume.

Best Internships

Connecting with Professors: Tips from a Communications Expert

Communication: it’s how knowledge is shared and ideas are spread. Most importantly, it is something you are in total control of.

On a college campus, there are so many potential social interactions you can get yourself into that can be beneficial not only to your success in college, but your success in life.

This type of networking is going to take effort. This means taking initiative and doing things like striking up conversations, joining student clubs, going into office hours, and getting out of your comfort zone when it comes to making social connections.

How to Communicate and Connect with Professors

Best Games for Groups, Gatherings and Parties

Getting people together is an important aspect of building community. It’s how true connections are made and friendships are built. One of the best ways to easily build rapport between individuals and new groups is having a game night. Games ease people out of their comfort zones and get people to open up and come out of their shell in a fun and creative way. Whether you are hosting a party, game night, new group orientation, or just have a group of friends who want to get together, here we offer some to the best games to play for parties, get-togethers, and group meetups. These games will promote community, help people get to know each other better, and provide good laughs and conversation.

Best Games

The Future of College Admissions

“You get what you give.”

This saying, known in some circles as words to live by for finding true purpose in life, will soon have meaning to the college admissions process.

There is growing concern that the current state of college admissions is flawed.

Many college officials are taking notice to a path to college acceptance that relies too heavily on personal accomplishments (grades and test scores). This promotes a selfish, me-first, everyone-against-each-other mentality rather than a care for the common good of others and greater good of society.

Turning the Tide Report

A recent report by the Harvard Graduate School of Education reveals a plan to be implemented over the next two years to improve the weight of community service and involvement in the admissions decision.

When the Dean of Admissions at all Ivy League schools get together and agree on something, you better listen.

The college admissions process is a major roadmap for how students choose to shape their high school experience. The future of college admissions will look at what students are doing to make the world a better place.

If you are a current high school student, there are a few things you can start doing that can help you get accepted to the college of your dreams.

The Future of College Admissions

Best Bikes for College: Tips from a College Bike Expert

Bringing a bike to college is not only a great idea for ease of access in getting around campus, but also in the affordability and fun it provides as both a transportation device and a hobby.

“Best Bike under $200”

Critical Cycles Harper Coaster single-speed

The light-weight and minimalist design of the Critical Cycles Harper Coaster single-speed provides a great looking bike and smooth ride that is ideal for college students. At under $200, it is a student-friendly purchase with great value for the dollar.

Choose a size and color

While bringing a car to campus isn’t always an option for some students, it’s nice to have some way to easily (and affordably) get around. This is where having a bike in college comes in handy. Having a bicycle in college is such a convenience you will see some students pick one up who haven’t ridden in years.

bike rack and panniers

Regardless of how far you will be living from campus, a bike can even become useful for travel between classes, given how large some university campuses are. A bike can also be used to help carry your heavy book bag to and from class when equipped with a rack and panniers.

“A bike that can support a rack with panniers is the best bike for all college life.”

Whether you are a frequent rider, or a student who hasn’t been on a bike in a while and is considering picking one up, we'll take a look at some of the top bikes for college students as well as offer some tips for safety and maintenance when bringing a bike to college.

Best Bikes for College