Most Popular College Majors

Deciding on a major is one of those tough choices college students face. Mainly because it is an important one, as changing majors can cost lots of time and money.

Many newer students are unsure about their futures, making the most popular major for incoming freshmen being "undecided".

This is mainly because many college students do not have any idea of what they want to do after college. This is why you will see some students take general recommended classes and other prerequisites first to get them out of the way.

The most popular majors fall into the categories of business, social science and education.

Top 10 College Majors

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  1. Business - Business Administration and Management is the most popular selected major. Business also includes finance, marketing, and accounting, which has a high demand right out of college. This can get you a good paying job right from the start, especially with a business degree from a top business school.

  2. Social Sciences and History - This includes anthropology, economics, geography, sociology and political science.

  3. Education - Elementary Education is the most popular as many of these majors go on to be K-12 classroom teachers.

  4. Psychology - There seems to be two types of psych majors. Those who are really into psych and those who see psych as an easy major and therefore an easy way to graduation. Many psych majors don't technically go on to work in the psych field, but other related careers where the skills of such major can come in handy (ex: human resources, public relations, market research and sales).

  5. Nursing - The nursing field is very competitive and some programs may have wait lists. However, you are pretty much guaranteed a job when majoring in nursing due to the severe shortage of nurses.

  6. Communications - (also includes journalism) Communications is one of the fastest growing majors in college.

  7. Biology - Biology majors do a lot of research and development and work in a laboratory or the field. Common employers of biology majors include hospitals, national & state parks, universities, pharmaceutical companies, research firms, aquariums and zoos.

  8. Engineering - A major that usually produces a high salaried job from the start. But, plan on taking very aggressive math and science courses with this major.

  9. English - An English major can be involved in copywriting, editing, and teaching, but not just limited to that. Also a good gateway degree to graduate school.

  10. Computer Science - A highly technical field involving a lot of advanced math and computer courses. Though, many universities have seen sharp drops in their computer science majors.

One thing to remember is your career will not always be related to your college major, but it can help prepare you for a career.

You can visit career fairs to get a sense of what various careers are like, or even get first-hand experience by doing an internship, which you can use to test out if a certain career is right for you.

Those still unsure about a college major should speak with a college advisor who can provide help with choosing a major. An advisor can help in making the right choice, selecting the proper classes, and helping you find something you will enjoy and excel at.

Also make use of your college's career center, which a great place that can help in finding a job after college.

You should have your major decided by the end of your freshman year in college. Anything later makes it hard to complete a major within the normal 4 years.

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