Legal Resources for Students

If you ever need any legal assistance while you're away at college, use these legal resources that are available to students:

Recommended Reading

  1. Your School's Ombudsman Office - The ombudsman office handles university complaints by students, staff, and faculty. The office often serves as a liaison between the two conflicting parties and tries to resolve any conflict through mediation.

  2. Your School's Law Library - Universities have some of the largest collection of books and resources available. Law libraries have huge amounts of legal resources. The trick is to know what you're looking for. Usually a librarian can assist you in finding any information you need.

  3. Library of Congress - The Law Library of Congress website contains huge amounts of information as well as links to related sites.

  4. Law clubs - Usually your school's law club can provide some basic legal assistance to fellow students.

  5. New York Public Library - Although New York Public Library researchers can not necessarily provide legal advice, they provide a good reference. Every day, except Sundays and Holidays, between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST, anyone, of any age, from anywhere can telephone (212) 340-0849 and ask almost any question. Great if you are on the run or just need some general questions answered.

  6. Online Legal Glossary - A useful online legal glossary provided by the state of New York.

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