In Pictures: A Tribute to the UCLA Undie Run

It can be sad to see a college tradition reach its end, especially when the main purpose of that tradition is to go out, have fun, and release a little stress after finals week.

Here is a tribute to the once big UCLA college tradition that is now no longer: The UCLA Undie Run.

The UCLA Undie Run is an event that occurs three times a year and draws nearly 10,000 students who run across campus in their underwear. The event typically takes place at midnight on the Wednesday of each quarter’s finals week.

What began in 2002 as a way for students to relieve stress during finals week, turned into an alcohol-induced crowd that even attracted revelers from outside the UCLA community. Apparently the last undie run was troubled with fights, vandalism, and alcohol-related problems that led to police getting involved.

University officials won't allow future runs, citing concerns about student safety, vandalism, and other criminal incidents. The next undie run would have taken place in December.

Photos from past UCLA Undie Runs:

undie run @ Midnight





me and brian


hot mamas

gamma phi's are sexay w/ their undies

UCLA undie run

UCLA Undie Run

UCLA Undie Run

UCLA Undie Run

UCLA Undie Run

UCLA Undie Run

UCLA Undie Run