Improve yourself over Winter Break

Here are 12 ways to improve yourself over winter break:

  1. Read a Book
    Some say the difference between the "you" now and the "you" of next year is the three books you will read over the course of that year.

  2. Study Ahead
    January is usually the start of a new quarter/semester, so read ahead on your next subjects. This will establish yourself as an early expert to fellow students and teachers.

  3. Diversify your iPod Library
    Download and listen to podcasts on your ipod, rather than music, such as personal development podcasts.

  4. Do Something Active
    Snowboard, ice skate or whatever you like for better health.

  5. Apply for Scholarships
    Apply for scholarships for next year.

  6. Organize your Computer
    Organize your computer's hard drive. More than likely it's full and unorganized. Get ready for next quarter by straightening things up and defragment the hard drive.

  7. Stay in Touch
    Contact old friends and distant relatives. Wish them happy holidays.

  8. Spend
    Use those gift cards. Best Buy says millions go unused every year.

  9. Order Textbooks
    Buy textbooks ahead of time through cheaper services rather than your school bookstore. Also refer to number two.

  10. Wake Up
    Avoid sleeping in all winter break. Tempting yes, but makes it easier to adjust when going back to school.

  11. Family Time
    Spend time with family. You may be too busy while school is in, and winter break and holidays make a perfect opportunity for spending quality time with family.

  12. Buy
    Buy something cool and useful for the upcoming quarter. Whether it's something for your dorm room or something that will make school easier for you, this will enhance your college experience.

Featured Study Tip:

Study on the go using audiobooks. Download a free book at Amazon.