How to Survive your Freshman Year

Going off to college is a big step in your life. There are many great activities you can get involved with, but there are also just as many bad things you can be apart of. The most important key to succeeding in college is to find a balance between academics and social life. Keep school work your number one priority no matter what. You won't have any parents around to keep you on task or out of trouble, which means there will be much more responsibility on yourself when it comes to academics.

You will actually have to try.

Unlike high school, college is much more difficult to just barely get by. The professors are more strict and expect much more than your high school teachers did. You should set goals for yourself when it comes to academics and make sure you are not spending too much time being social. Find yourself a nice place to study or do homework. You have to want to do well, so trying is a must. Study often and make sure you do all of your homework. Even if the teacher doesn't take up homework, practice makes perfect. Just remember, these few years at college you will be working for a degree which will be very beneficial to your future and your career.

Get on a Schedule.

Getting in a habit is very important, especially when it comes to studying or doing homework. Set a schedule to when you are going to dedicate time to do your work. When it comes to homework, the sooner is the better. So if your class ends at 2pm, take a break after class to eat or just relax. Then maybe after one to two hours start working on your assignment. It will be a pain at first, but when you are finished it will be worth it.

Don't procrastinate.

As stated earlier, in high school it was much easier to get away with not studying or starting on that research paper the night before it was due. The projects and research papers in college are much longer and require a large amount of preparation and research. It would be very smart to start research on your paper as soon as possible. As for tests, always remember to study, study, and study. Get as familiar with the test material as possible so you can go in the test confident you will do well.

Don't party too much.

I know this is disappointing. You're in college, you should be able to party all you want right? Well you can of course, but it's highly recommended to stay on task academically throughout the week. This means if you're invited to a Wednesday night movie, it would be smart to not go. Work extra hard during the week so the weekend can be extra fun.

Get involved.

Don't let all the school work overwhelm you, get out there and explore your college and fellow students. College is far more easier if you have friends to share the experiences with you. These friends can also be study partners to keep you both on task. Join an organization or club, these are two great ways to meet new people and become involved in your college.

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