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Best Facebook Applications for College

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Facebook has its roots in connecting college students, so it's only right that the best facebook applications for college be compiled. These applications from the facebook platform will help college students with organization, productivity, money, communication and social life.


  • Box files - Giving you 1GB account of free online storage, you can upload audio, documents, photos, and files to your Facebook Profile. Box is also one of the Best web 2.0 tools for college.

  • Calender - A calender Application by 30 Boxes. Helps you get organized and easily share all or parts of your schedule.

  • Courses - With facebook removing its courses feature, this is a great replacement for showing your class schedule on your profile.

  • Courses (2) - Another App to show your courses, check out who is in your classes, let your friends see your course schedule on your profile and create study groups to collaborate with your friends.


  • To Do List - Helps you organize all the stuff you have to do, in a super simple way.

  • Docs - An easy way of uploading and storing your Docs (homework, research papers, etc) online and on facebook.


  • Jobster - A great app for finding a job after college. Get personalized job alerts based on your career interests. Post your resume online and search for jobs across the web.

  • Roomster - The housing finder for college students. Post and search apartments, roommates and sublets.

  • CarPool - Save money on gas by carpooling.

  • ebay auctions - Show your eBay auctions on your profile.


  • Text Me - Easily allow others to send a text message to your cell phone from your profile.

  • Meebo - Brings Meebo capabilities inside facebook.

  • SkypeMe - Using this app, students can call each other for free (over the internet) with a Skype account. Perfect for the cash strapped college student.


  • I am Hungry - A great way to connect with other friends/students and make plans for lunch and dinner. Post when your hungry and what your craving, and check out what your friends are craving too.

  • Bar Book - A very cool facebook app that allows you to find and browse bars and clubs and Add your favorites to display on your profile. You can view your friends favorite hang outs and find other people who are bar regulars.

  • Bar Tour - Search, find and tell friends what bars you are going to.

  • Superwall - A Wall that your whole college can add to and see. (Ex: The Great Wall of Stanford)

  • What's Going on Tonight - This app lets you find out what all your friends are up to tonight. A great way to find a good party or hang out.


  • Trips - Plan and share past and upcoming trips with friends. Great for spring and summer break planning.

  • College Football - The perfect app for all students and fans who attend college football games. See which of your friends are going to the game and let them know what games you’re attending. You can also choose your Top 10, predict games, and add your team’s schedule to your profile.

  • CollegeHumor - This newest, most popular content on CollegeHumor.

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