Best College Blogs and Websites

From all aspects of college life, here's a roundup of some of the best blogs and websites for college students.

Social Networking and Blogging

  • Facebook - Many believe a facebook account is a must-have for college students as a way to connect with current and former classmates.
  • Tumblr - A popular platform for those who wish to start blogging.
  • Twitter - A quick way to get out messages and random thoughts to others online.

Classroom Tools

  • - Rate your previous professors and check out prospective ones based on what former students thought of them.
  • Study Blue - The perfect tool for studying and preparing for exams.
  • Evernote - Great note taking tool perfect for college.

Online Apps

  • - Online file storage makes it useful in accessing your files on any computer or device with an internet connection.
  • Delicious - Social Bookmarking: An easy way to bookmark your favorite sites online. In college you'll be using more than one computer, so this tool enables you to keep all your bookmarks in one place.
  • Flickr - Upload your photos for online use.

Financial Aid

  • FAFSA - The go to government website for obtaining college grants and loans.
  • Fastweb - A great place to search and apply for college scholarships.
  • - This website has everything you need to know about financial aid.


Buying and Selling

  • eBay - This online auction site provides an easy way to sell your stuff and find good deals on things you may need.
  • Amazon - The world's biggest online retailer and one of the best places to buy your textbooks.
  • Craigslist - A popular and free local classifieds service.

College News, Tips, and Advice


  • Wikipedia - A good tool for looking up information fast, this free online encyclopedia provides a useful starting place for your research projects. (Just don't cite Wikipedia in your papers.)
  • Yahoo Answers - Find and share information by asking and answering questions. Can be helpful if you are stuck on a homework problem.


  • Dorm Room Biz - Provides tips and ideas on how to make money and start a business in college.

Design and Fashion


  • - One of the most visited websites by College Students. Site includes videos, cute college coeds, funny stories and pics.

College Sports

  • ESPN - One of the most visited websites by college students, useful for following up on your favorite college sports team.