From all aspects of college life, here are some of the best websites for college students:

Social Networking and Blogging

  • facebook - A site that started just for college networking; many believe a facebook account is a must have for college students.

  • LiveJournal - A social network revolved around journals and blogs.

  • Xanga - Free blog host.

Classroom Tools

  • - Student organizer and social note taking tool where students can manage schedules, to-do lists, grades, notes and files.

  • Gradefix - Homework task manager that organizes and prioritizes your assignments. The perfect app for the slacker or the scholar.

  • MyNoteIt - An online note taking tool for students.

  • Notecentric - Store and share notes online.

  • - Rate professors, and check out prospective ones.

  • Pick-A-Prof - Check out a professor's ratings, reviews and grade histories.

Online Apps

  • CollegeWikis - College specific wikis where users can ask questions and share answers with other students at their school.

  • - Online file storage and sharing.

  • MyDataBus - 5 GB of free storage for your photos, videos, music and other files. Also has facebook integration.

  • - Social Bookmarking: An easy way to bookmark your favorite sites online. In college you'll be using more than one computer, and this tool enables you to keep all your bookmarks in one place.

  • flickr - Photo sharing and hosting.

Financial Aid


Buying and Selling

  • Dorm Item - College Classifieds search engine and RSS feeds.

  • eBay - Huge online auction site. Great way to sell your stuff.

  • Amazon - World's biggest online retailer. Another good place to buy your textbooks.

  • Craigslist - Free online local classifieds with a huge user base.

College News, Tips and Advice

  • CampusGrotto - A College Blog covering Top College News Stories.

  • HackCollege - A life hacking site dedicated to college students.

  • IvyGate Blog - An edgy Blog providing Ivy League news and gossip.


  • Wikipedia - Online Encyclopedia. Its use as a cited source has been questioned as of late. However, Wikipedia is a good tool for looking up information fast.

  • Yahoo! Answers - Find and share information by asking and answering questions.

  • AnswerU - Similar to Yahoo Answers, but for College.

  • - A social bookmark site for scholarly research and educational links.


Design and Fashion

  • College Fashion - Gives tips and trends on fashion for students. Hey, we have to look the part, right?

  • DormDelicious - Ideas and suggestions on dorm decor.


  • College Humor - One of the most visited websites by College Students. Site includes videos, cute college girls, funny stories and pics.

College Sports

  • ESPN - Our favorite sports network.

  • CSTV - A network dedicated just to college sports.