Advice for Freshman Year

If anyone or anything can help out future or prospective students, it’d be an inside source. Someone who has gone through the experience already.

Freshman year can be a real eye opener for some collegians.

Some typically known advice for freshmen include how college isn’t about all the parties and how you will more than likely change your major.

Other suggestion we have for a fulfilling freshman year include:

  • Take school work serious…it’s not high school anymore.
  • Join an intramural team.
  • Freshman year in the dorms is where you will meet some of your best college friends. Choose wisely.
  • Caffeine is your friend.
  • Take a extracurricular class for fun, something that can stir your creative mind.
  • Don’t stress about having to choose your major in your first year. Get pre-reqs out of the way and take classes you think you would enjoy or interest you.
  • Join a club.
  • Participate in on-campus activities.
  • Make good use of the school library. Late hours and large reference selections help with any school project.
  • Meet as many fellow students as you can. College is a great academic environment where great minds get together and collaborate. Social intellectual interaction is always good for the mind.
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Featured Study Tip:

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