5 Things You Don't Need in College

Going off to college gives you access to many things: great parties, huge libraries, quality professors, as well as other students just as smart as yourself. With so much in and around a college campus, you can get by without a few things, thus saving you money.

  1. Car
    Having a car is a huge expense, and is more of a hassle than what it's worth. Think of all the time you have spent trying to find a parking spot close to campus. Then you have the worry of your car being broken into. Car payments, oil and gas, insurance, licensing fees and parking tickets from the parking nazis all add up to a cost that a college student with no income can not afford. Nearly everything you could possibly need is within walking distance of campus. Of course, don't forget to take advantage of cheap bus fares available to students. Also, use ZipCar.
  2. Parking Tickets

  3. Cable TV
    You don't need it; it'll be a big distraction. Besides, you can watch many of your favorite shows for free online at sites like hulu.com and justin.tv. Trying to watch the big game? Head down to the local sports bar or watch it in the Student Union building. You could almost throw out the need for a television as well, unless you're really into xBox/PS3/Wii.

  4. Textbooks
    OK, you need these...you just don't need to own them. Some will argue that you should hold on to them for reference later on down the road, but with new versions of the book coming out every few years, wouldn't that make them outdated? You don't need to be lugging those textbooks around for years. Instead, rent your textbooks and save a ton of money.

  5. An Abundance of Stuff
    You don't need any extra clutter in your tiny dorm room. Keep it simple and only bring the few essentials you need. This way you won't have to worry about moving out multiple carloads of stuff at the end of the year. Start with the basics and if the need arises that you need something more, grab it on the next trip back home.

  6. Huge Sound Systems
    Large speakers can take up a lot of valuable space. Besides, the technology nowadays packs some pretty decent sound quality into compact speakers. On another note, large sound systems tend to get their owners in trouble with noise complaints. The solution? Pick up a pair of high-quality wireless headphones and/or find yourself a decent set of computer speakers.