Dorm Room Decorating

Decorating your dorm room can be a fun yet challenging task, as many times there is simply not enough room for you, your roommate(s) and all of your stuff.

The main thing to consider when buying stuff for your dorm and deciding what to bring is space. You can have all the coolest stuff in the world but won’t have enough room for it. This is why some of the wisest purchases for college students are storage bins and other items that can help you stay tight and organized. Of course, everyone wants the cool dorm room on the floor with the big screen TV, video game systems, home theater systems and more. While there are many good things that come out of having all that cool stuff, there are still other downsides such as the risk of your stuff being stolen, not having very much free space and everyone coming over to hang out in your dorm room all of the time.

Decorating a dorm room really tests your budgeting, interior design and organization skills. The key is to find the perfect combination of all three.

Another thing you should consider when dorm room decorating is what you are going to be using the room for. Ask yourself these questions when deciding which route to take in dorm room decorating:

  • Will you be doing homework in your room?

    A lot of students are more comfortable doing their homework in their own room. Of course there are better options on campus for places to study, but if you plan on doing a lot of homework in your dorm room you will want to consider a nice desk and computer chair combo. This may also lead you to other purchases such as better lighting for reading and such.

  • Do you plan on having frequent guests?

    Here you’ll want to make sure you have enough good seating to at least somewhat accommodate everyone. Maybe even consider an extra cot for those that sleep over.

  • Do you want a nice entertainment system?

    Having big speakers, multiple gaming systems and a nice television is a plus, but if it's not used to its full advantage, it could cost you dearly in valuable real estate. Figure out what you’re looking to get and find a nice happy-medium.

It all really comes down to one question:

What is the main purpose of your room?

  • To entertain?
  • To sleep?
  • To do homework?

Once you have figured that out the process should be fairly easy to fill.

It's best to find something that is comfortable and can provide peace and quietness at times, while still being able to entertain in the form of music and movies at respectable volumes.

Another thing to consider is the opinion of your roommate. You two (or three) will have to get together to discuss and share what you all want to bring and have in your college dorm. You should find ideas that are acceptable to all roommates.

Another overlooked item to dorm room decorating is positioning. If you position your furniture just right it will give you more usable space to work with, not only in appearance, but in walk space and storage area. This is why loft beds are so popular in college dorm rooms.

It’s always fun and exciting decorating your first place away from home. I hope you enjoy the challenge of living in a tiny dorm room. Welcome to college my friend.