What can I do with a degree in Business?

Business degrees are one of the most popular degrees among college students today. They are so versatile that even a student who is unsure about his or her future career can major in business and still be well off when it comes to finding a career path after college. Because of the broad spectrum a business major covers, there are a variety of careers you can enter into with this type of degree.

  • Accounting/Finance: If you add a concentration to your business major, such as accounting or finance, then you are giving yourself advanced knowledge in the financial field. This can yield a job as an accountant or auditor. Not only will you have the business administration background, but you will have the knowledge required for the accounting field as well.

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  • Real Estate: You can attend real estate school in just a few months, depending on state requirements. Add a real estate license to your business degree and you will be extremely marketable in the business world.

  • Mortgage Industry: Although you do not need a degree to enter the mortgage arena, it certainly helps. If you have a business degree and then proceed to obtain your mortgage license, you will prove you have the knowledge to succeed, especially at a large mortgage company.

  • Corporate World: The jobs in big corporations and private companies are endless. Most of them often hire supervisors and managers from outside of the company as they are looking for people with degrees in Business Administration. With a business degree you can usually bypass the entry-level jobs and move up to a project leader, supervisor, or even a manager position. Other jobs in the corporate world include analyst positions such as budget analysts and risk analyst or Human Resource Specialists such as recruiters and interviewers.

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  • Education: Some states do not require you to have an actual degree in education in order to enter the field. You can have your degree in business, take a few certification courses to meet state requirements and teach in an elementary, middle or high school. More and more schools are adopting business classes as part of their curriculum as it helps students prepare for the real world.

Since the business field is so broad, it is beneficial to add a concentration or minor to your degree. You can add a minor to your degree such as: accounting, finance, information systems, or human resource organization. By adding a field to your business degree, not only are you gaining additional knowledge, but it will benefit you in the long run as you will be more marketable when applying for jobs. If your business degree is from a school that is known for its business program, then you really have an edge up in the job hunt. Just because you have a business degree does not mean that you are limited to specific careers. You can go into almost any field with great success.


Many business majors choose to further their careers with an MBA. Working towards an online MBA while working is a great way for advancement in the business field

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