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Top Colleges ranked by Average Salary of Graduates

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Wednesday, 22 July 2009 recently released their rankings on what they consider to be the best colleges to attend. Their rankings are based on which colleges and degrees end up paying off the most for graduates.

Their salary survey, completed by 1.2 million users on the website over the last year, determine the average salary a grad should expect to receive both beginning and mid-career by college, major, and location. The overall goal of the survey is to help determine which undergraduate educations are the best investment, allowing prospective students (and their parents) to be able to figure the Return On Investment of going to college.

It may come as no surprise as to what colleges the highest paid first-year grads are coming from: Ivy League Colleges and Engineering (Tech) Schools.

Highest Starting Median Salary by College

1. Loma Linda University $71,400
2. MIT $71,100
3. Harvey Mudd College $71,000
4. Cal Tech $69,700
5. Stanford $67,500
6. Carnegie Mellon $65,300
7. Princeton $65,000
8. Polytechnic University of New York $62,700
9. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute $62,500
10. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology $61,100
10. Cooper Union $61,100
10. Worcester Polytechnic Institute $61,100
13. Penn $60,400
14. Colorado School of Mines $60,000
14. Harvard $60,000
16. Stevens Institute of Technology $59,400
17. Georgia Tech $58,900
18. Claremont McKenna College $58,300
19. Dartmouth $58,200
20. Cornell $58,000

Highest Mid-Career Median Salary by College

1. Dartmouth $129,000
2. Harvard $126,000
2. MIT $126,000
4. Harvey Mudd College $125,000
5. Princeton $124,000
5. Stanford $124,000
7. Colgate $122,000
8. Notre Dame $121,000
9. Yale $120,000
10. Penn $118,000
11. Bucknell University $116,000
11. Duke University $116,000
11. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute $116,000
14. Cal Tech $115,000
15. Lehigh University $114,000
15. Polytechnic University of New York $114,000
17. Carnegie Mellon University $113,000
18. University of California - Berkeley $112,000
19. Georgetown University $111,000
19. Santa Clara University $111,000

Note: The data considers those whose education went no further than a bachelor's level degree. Physicians, lawyers and others with advanced degrees were not included in the data.

Remember though, these are just median statistics. Of course, every situation and career success will vary by individual. A dedicated and ambitious student can become successful and well off regardless of where he or she goes to college.

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