Rent Textbooks


Campus Grotto recommends renting as the best option for saving money on textbooks. Renting is a solid option, as it requires less money upfront for your textbooks. Renting also helps save trees, as more and more textbooks are reused.

Check out Chegg for the best deals on textbook rental.

Where to Rent
  1. Chegg
  2. CengageBrain
  3. BookRenter

Buy Textbooks


When it comes to buying your textbooks, donít buy from your costly college bookstore. Instead, use online book sellers like Amazon who can get you a better price on textbooks.

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Where to Buy
  1. Amazon
  2. CengageBrain

Download Textbooks


Textbooks in digital form not only cost less, but are easier to carry around. Another benefit: no waiting in lines at the college bookstore. Digital textbooks can be downloaded right from the Internet.

Where to Download Textbooks

Where to Download
  1. CengageBrain
  2. Kno
  3. CourseSmart

Sell Textbooks

Get a Quote

Odds are, when you complete your classes, you wonít need your textbooks anymore. Selling back textbooks is a great way to recoup some of the costs of overpriced textbooks. Unfortunately, your schoolís buyback program doesnít always offer you top dollar for your books. When it comes to selling, check out our study on which online textbook retailers offer the highest buyback price.

Best Places to Sell Textbooks
Textbook Buyback
Where to Buy/Sell/Exchange Textbooks

Where to Sell
  1. Get a Quote Now
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