Survey says Students Broke over Winter Break

Many students were too broke to do anything or go anywhere over winter break, according to a survey on

While it's a well known fact that many college students operate on a low budget, this is further proof that we are in a recession.

Usually when a break comes around, it's the perfect opportunity for a vacation, whether it be to somewhere warm or to the ski resort.

While it'd be nice to take a vacation somewhere, that wasn’t the case for many students over this winter break. Many stayed home with the parents where they can save/not spend money, enjoy home-cooked meals, and get reacquainted with the family they left back in the fall.

When we asked 1000 college students across the country what their plans were for winter break, the most popular answer by far was, "Nothing, I'm Broke!"

Winter break is a much needed and deserved break from school, as many students across the country have gone through the long semester and a grueling week of finals.

While many don't have money to spend to do anything, there are still plenty of things you can do to keep yourself entertained and occupied over the break.

It's not just the case for students. Travel numbers are down at popular destinations across the country, thanks in part to the poor condition of the economy. Air travel is forecasted to be down 9% compared to last year. Even as gas prices remain low, travel in general is down 2.1%.