Princeton Review's Top Party Schools

Top Party Colleges

The Princeton Review's annual college rankings are now out. Here are the Top 20 Party Schools for 2009.

  1. University of Florida - Whether you decide to go Greek or not, there is always a place to be in the city of Gainesville. From its sports scene to the Greek scene, there are tons of activities to participate in. Florida has made the Top 20 Party School list for the past 15 years.

  2. University of Mississippi - SEC schools really know how to party. The combination of being in the south and having a solid football program seem to guarantee there will always be party-goers around.

  3. Penn State University - Penn State has a history of being ranked in Princeton Review's Top Party Schools.

  4. West Virginia University - WVU is near the top of every party school list. West Virginia throws the kind of parties where you'll usually find a couch burning in the middle of the street.

  5. Ohio University - This school loves to party. One of its biggest events is during Halloween, easily making it one of the top choices for college students to party for Halloween.

  6. Randolph-Macon College - Randolph-Macon is a very small school (Just over 1100 undergrads) located in Richmond, Virginia.

  7. University of Georgia - Once again the University of Georgia makes the Top 20 Party Schools list coming in at number 7, two spots lower than their ranking last year.

  8. University of Texas - Austin - A huge campus with a huge history in college football which can only lead to heavy tailgating and the parties that take place afterwards.

  9. University of California - Santa Barbara - Located right on the beach, this party school is a surfer's paradise with its biggest party scene being Halloween, where thousands of students walk the streets of Isla Vista in costumes.

  10. Florida State University - Florida is a popular location where people are typically looking to party. This is the main reason so many college students choose Florida as their spring break destination. This place is nice year round, so why would it not make this list of top party spots.

  11. University of New Hampshire - There is a great social scene at UNH with lots of campus activities to participate in.

  12. University of Iowa - Iowa is known to have a huge bar scene for college students, making it a great place to party.

  13. University of Colorado at Boulder - The University of Colorado makes its return to the Princeton Review's list of Top Party Colleges. Back in 2003, University of Colorado was named the top party college in the nation.

  14. Indiana University at Bloomington - Bloomington is one of those classic college towns where people like to engulf themselves in large quantities of beer.

  15. Tulane University - Tulane is located in a city that knows how to party: New Orleans.

  16. University of Illinois - The University of Illinois has a huge Greek scene.

  17. Arizona State University - Tempe has a hot campus and some hot bars. With a large student body, there is always something going on everyday of the week.

  18. University of Tennessee - Another college football giant, which usually means they know how to party and tailgate.

  19. University of Alabama - Alabama has a great college sports tradition. Starting to catch a trend here?

  20. Loyola University - New Orleans - Once again, another New Orleans school makes the list. Let's face it, they know how to party down there.

These party school rankings were based on surveys taken by 120,000 college students nationwide that asked questions concerning drug and alcohol use at their respective colleges. Other statistics taken into account in the rankings were the amount of students in a fraternity or sorority, and other things such as the number of hours students study outside of class.