Playboy's Top Party Schools for 2011

In 2009, Playboy announced it would make their ranking of top party schools an annual feature in the magazine. Here in its third year in a row, and 6th time overall in the magazine’s 58-year history, the ranking was released today and will be featured in the May 2011 issue of Playboy Magazine (on newsstands April 15). This year's #1 goes to the University of Colorado at Boulder (who was ranked 16th in the Princeton Review ranking).

The magazine’s first list, Top 40 Party Colleges, appeared in the January 1987 issue with Chico State taking the #1 spot. Arizona State is the only school to appear in all six of Playboy's rankings.

Best in Class
Also included for the second year in a row is a “Best in Class” list which gives honorable mention to colleges in 18 additional categories. These categories range from “Best Naked Parties” (Yale) to “Hottest Sorority” (San Diego State's Alpha Phi).

Playboy party school rankings are determined by Playboy editors along with input from students, fans of Playboy's social media pages, alumni, feedback from Playboy campus representatives at schools across the country, and interviews with countless others. Playboy editors analyzed school’s male-female ratios, academics, and the winning percentage of their sports teams, as well as their proximity to beaches, ski slopes and lively music scenes

Playboy's Top 10 Party Schools for 2011

  1. University of Colorado at Boulder

    According to Playboy:
    "You know Boulder is a party school because whenever you tell someone that you went there, the first thing they ask is, "Did you graduate?"

  2. Penn State

    According to Playboy:
    "Penn State students don’t let anything stand in the way of an alcohol-soaked holiday—not even an alcohol-soaked vacation."

  3. Arizona State

    According to Playboy:
    “Only in Arizona can you have outrageous pool parties in February.”

  4. University of Western Ontario

    According to Playboy:
    "One of the school’s dorms became so notorious for partying it was nicknamed the Zoo."

  5. University of Texas at Austin

    According to Playboy:
    "Austin is known for its stellar nightlife and music scene, and last year it was dubbed the third best city for singles."

  6. University of Wisconsin - Madison

    According to Playboy:
    "And then there are the epic weekend-long parties—Halloween and the Mifflin Street Block Party being the two standout events. Past celebrations got so big, riots broke out."

  7. University of Georgia

    According to Playboy:
    "Football, sorority girls and drinking are the pillars of SEC life, and UGA reps all three with gusto."

  8. University of Tennessee

    According to Playboy:
    "This is the only school we know of with its own fraternity boxing tournament — a spring event that occurs amid a weeklong party and draws students from all over."

  9. University of Central Florida

    According to Playboy:
    "When you put 56,000 college students 20 minutes from downtown Orlando, you end up with an explosive mix of sun, sand and girls."

  10. University of California - Santa Barbara

    According to Playboy:
    "Every weekend students swarm to parties on Del Playa Drive, and in the spring there’s Floatopia, a drink fest during which students lazily raft along the coast. After Floatopia 2009 drew 12,000 people, authorities put the kibosh on last year’s event."

"Best in Class"

Basketball Coach we're measuring for a straitjacket: Kansas State’s Frank Martin.
Best College Sports Bar: The Swamp Restaurant in Gainesville, FL.
Best College Sports Fan: Wild Bill of Utah State.
Best Late-Night Eats: Capicola-and-cheese sandwich from Primanti Brothers, just off the Pitt campus, with built-in french fries, fried egg and mound of coleslaw.
Best Library: The Library Café and Bar, University of Wisconsin, Madison.
Best Naked Parties: Yale (seriously).
Best Out-of-the-Way Party School: Montana State University.
Coolest Course: University of California, Berkeley’s “The Sociology of Seinfeld.”
Coolest Facebook Campaign: Jay-Z for Commencement Speaker 2011, Middlebury College.
Coolest Radio Station: DePauw’s WGRE 91.5.
Hottest Sorority: San Diego State's Alpha Phi chapter.
Most Coveted Dorm Room: Suite H33 in Kirkland House, Harvard, where Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook.
Most Delicious Mascot: (Tie) Delta State’s Fighting Okra and the University of North Carolina School of the Arts’ Fighting Pickles.
Most Lucrative Online Degree: None.
New Drink on Campus: 40-proof Adult Chocolate Milk.
Thirstiest Major: University of California, Davis’s viticulture (grape cultivation) and enology (wine study).
Wallet Drainer: Sarah Lawrence, the most expensive college in America ($57,556/year).
Worst College Rapper: Chet Haze of Northwestern (Tom Hanks’s son).

Previous Playboy Rankings


1. University of Texas at Austin
2. West Virginia University
3. University of Wisconsin-Madison
4. University of Miami
5. East Carolina University
6. Arizona State University
7. Rollins College
8. University of California - Santa Barbara
9. Plymouth State University
10. University of Iowa


1. University of Miami
2. University of Texas - Austin
3. San Diego State University
4. University of Florida
5. University of Arizona
6. University of Wisconsin - Madison
7. University of Georgia
8. Louisiana State University
9. University of Iowa
10. West Virginia University


1. University of Wisconsin - Madison
2. UC Santa Barbara
3. Arizona State
4. Indiana
5. San Diego State
6. Florida State
7. Ohio University
8. University of Georgia
9. University of Tennessee
10. McGill University


1. Arizona State
2. Chico State
3. Rollins
4. Louisiana State
5. West Virginia
6. Colorado
7. Wisconsin
8. Connecticut
9. Kansas
10. San Diego State
11. Georgia
12. Ohio State
13. Iowa State
14. Florida State
15. Colorado State
16. Florida
17. Tulane
18. Washington State
19. East Carolina
20. Michigan State
21. Mississippi
22. UC Santa Barbara
23. Lehigh
24. Vanderbilt
25. James Madison

1987 - Top 40 Party Colleges

1. Chico State
2. Miami
3. San Diego State
4. Vermont
5. Slippery Rock
6. Connecticut
7. West Virginia
8. Plymouth State
9. Mercer
10. Virginia
11. SUNY – Cortland
12. Colorado State
13. Arizona State
14. UNLV
15. Boston U.
16. Central Michigan
17. Southern Illinois
18. Ball State
19. Oklahoma State
20. Central Connecticut
21. Maryland
22. Mississippi
23. Western Georgia
24. Texas
25. MIT
26. Kansas
27. Kansas State
28. Glassboro State
29. Florida
30. Eastern Kentucky
31. Iowa
32. Oklahoma
33. Brown
34. Ohio U.
35. UMass
36. Georgia
37. LSU
38. Missouri – Rolla
39. Reed College
40. Fairhaven College