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Like it or not, eTextbooks will slowly replace traditional textbooks and become the way of the future. While digital textbook sales currently only account for a very small percentage of the textbook market, they are projected to reach 18.8% of the market by 2014.

As newer devices like the iPad are introduced, students are seeing they can read books in digital form all while saving money and reducing the weight of their book bags. But as it stands now, when it comes to studying, e-readers can’t match the functionality of traditional textbooks. E-readers may be fine for reading, but textbooks are seldom read like novels, which is why most students still prefer traditional textbooks.


Top Party Schools for 2011

Based on surveys taken from 122,000 students, the Princeton Review has released their annual rankings of colleges. By far the list that gets the most attention is the ranking of the top party schools in the nation. The ranking is figured based on survey questions relating to student use of alcohol and drugs, hours of study done each day, and the popularity of the Greek system at the school.

The University of Georgia was ranked number one for the first time, which is surprising considering the effort put forth to curb student drinking. Georgia requires first year and transfer students to complete an interactive online alcohol course, a program that students must pass before the first day of classes. Georgia will also call home to parents when an underage student gets caught drinking.

But Georgia students still have easy access to alcohol with nearly 100 bars located near the Athens campus. In the ranking Georgia took seventh place for students who drink beer and placed in the top 10 for how little students study, the popularity of the Greek system, and how many students attend football games.

Top Party Schools for 2011

Build a Loft Bed for your Dorm Room

Unless your dorm is like a palace, the thought of cramming two beds, two desks, and two people with all of their stuff into one small room is mind-boggling. It makes one wonder how those with three people to a room survive (and you wondered why so many go home for the weekend). Outside of being a minimalist, your best solution is having a loft bed in your dorm room.

Sure, you can go out and by an expensive loft bed set-up, or pick up a cheap metal frame, but since it's summertime… how about a summer project?

Building your own loft bed is a project that pays off twofold: it will save you money and will allow you to maximize the space of your dorm room. Elevating your bed allows you to place your desk under the loft, giving you more space to arrange your room.

Dorm Room Loft Bed

How College Students Spend their Time

The UCLA Higher Education Research Institute conducted a survey of students in their first year of college. The survey was taken in spring of 2009 by over 25,000 first year college students. Questions were designed to analyze the academic and personal development progress of students through their first year in college.

Obviously there is a big change going from high school to college. This survey takes a look at the multiple aspects students face when going through this adjustment phase. Among them is time management.

In the transition from high school to college, first year students have found themselves spending much more time studying and doing homework. However, these students are still able to find a balance between academics and extracurricular activities, as nearly 80% of those surveyed agreed so.

Students were asked how much time they spent per week on various activities. Here is what the majority of those surveyed reported.

How College Students Spend their Time

Most Beautiful College Libraries

Most Beautiful Libraries

No major introduction needed here, as a picture is worth a thousand words. Here we take a look at some of the most magnificent university libraries across the country.

Comfort and atmosphere play a huge role in getting in a quality study session. The problem is that some of these libraries are so beautiful that they almost become too distracting to study in.

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Quick List

1. Bapst Library, Boston College
2. William W. Cook Legal Research Library, University of Michigan
3. Suzzallo Library, University of Washington
4. Butler Library, Columbia University
5. Fisher Fine Arts Library, Penn
6. Chancellor Green Library, Princeton
7. Doe Library, UC Berkeley
8. Harper Library, University of Chicago
9. Frederick Ferris Thompson Memorial Library, Vassar
10. Sterling Memorial Library, Yale
11. Firestone Library, Princeton
12. Powell Library, UCLA
13. George Peabody Library, Johns Hopkins University
14. Widener Library, Harvard
15. Special Collections Library, University of Virginia
16. Perkins/Bostock Library, Duke University
17. Riggs Library, Georgetown University
18. Bizzell Memorial Library, University of Oklahoma
19. Rush Rhees Library, University of Rochester
20. Baker Hall, Harvard
21. Williston Library, Mount Holyoke College
22. Uris Library, Cornell
23. Monroe Library, Loyola University New Orleans
24. Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale
25. Baker Memorial Library, Dartmouth

Most Beautiful College Libraries

Reasons for Increasing Tuition

With spring comes nice weather...and announcements of tuition increases.

Many colleges have announced their tuition charges for next year and it has some students seeing a near 10% increase in costs.

As more schools cross the $50,000/year mark, it's easy to see how the cost of higher education is getting out of hand. With tuition increases that continue to outpace inflation, it's only going to get worse. (It will be interesting to see next year's ranking of most expensive colleges.

Stories of college tuition increases can be found in newspapers and local news broadcasts all across the country. Perhaps the most noticeable being the University of California System, who raised tuition 32% and experienced student outrage at many of its campuses.

Many schools are raising tuition because of lost funding from the state and to give faculty long overdue raises. Governors, College Presidents, Regents, and other University Officials have given multiple reasons as to why costs are going up. Here is a roundup of what officials had to say when questioned about tuition increases.

Reasons for Tuition Increases

Best Companies for Entry Level Jobs

Things are starting to look better for college graduates when it comes to gaining employment after college. Industry reports show the strongest areas of employment are in Accounting, Engineering, and Retail/Wholesale as the top employers extending offers to college grads. The technical fields of Accounting and Engineering, which have traditionally been the most active in hiring recent college grads over the years, continue to see high demand.

After analyzing hiring reports, recruiting trends, and multiple employer rankings, we have ranked the best companies for landing an entry level job after college.

Best Companies for Entry Level Jobs

Playboy's Top Party Schools for 2010

Playboy's ranking of the Top 10 party schools was released today, making it the 5th time the publication has published the list in its 57-year history. In 2009, Playboy announced it would make the list an annual feature in the magazine. The magazine’s first list, Top 40 Party Colleges, appeared in the January 1987 issue with Chico State taking the #1 spot.

This year's #1 goes to the University of Texas at Austin (who was also ranked 7th in the Princeton Review ranking). Arizona State is the only school to appear in all five of Playboy's rankings.

Playboy's Party Schools Rankings for 2010

Fort Lauderdale: The Rise and Fall of a Spring Break Capital

The Rise

It all started back in 1935, when a swim team traveled down to Fort Lauderdale to make use of their Olympic-size pool in an effort to stay in shape over winter break. When the swimmers from Colgate University returned tanned and in shape, word spread of the Florida hotspot. The city, seeing a marketing opportunity, created a College Coaches' Swim Forum attracting college coaches and their swim teams from all across the county.

Swimmers meet at Fort Lauderdale in the 1930s

The thought of spring break in Fort Lauderdale received further attention with the 1960 film Where the Boys Are. The film was aimed at the teen market, featuring sun, sand and sex.

The debauchery of spring break was further publicized with the airing of MTV's first spring break special in 1986 (at Daytona Beach). The broadcast reinforced spring break's reputation for beaches, beer and bikinis.

Fort Lauderdale Spring Break History