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New Year's Resolution: Be a Better Student

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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Since were all in the midst of forming New Years resolutions, we thought wed let you in on a little secret and take action on one thing we all could do a little better at: Being a better Student.

Given its the New Year, perhaps its time to step up and show better dedication to your time in college.

Want to become a better student with a newfound, take charge attitude?

This is your chance, listen up.

We are releasing something big this fall. (Follow closely and youll find out how you can get early inside access as well as a massive discount on the price.)

We are designing a new guide. Actually, its more of a challenge/workbook.

Become a Better Student in 30 Days

This 30 day challenge is divided into 30 easy-to-follow tasks where each day in the guide gives you a specific task or challenge to complete for that day.

By the end of the 30 steps you will:

  • Be a better, more organized student
  • Be more involved on campus
  • Have more friends and connections
  • Have greater self-confidence
  • Feel more a part of your school

Dont want to wait until this fall when the full guide is released?

We will be doing a special limited time pre-launch offer next week where well be letting the first 50 people try it at a massively discounted price.

Come back next week and well announce how you can get special limited access and a discount only available to you. Remember, this is only available to the first 50 people, so follow the blog closely and watch for the announcement.

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I like the articles that are written here. There are plenty of other blogs that cover being frugal as a student, but you cover stuff that other places don't. - Sarah E., USC

"I like the fact that youre actually offering interesting, useful information to students." - Pedro M., Harvard

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