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As a college student, you will find that you may need to get a job, whether it be for financial reasons or for related work experience for your major. Whatever your motivation, there are plenty of jobs that are perfect for college students. However, before you apply for a job, be sure that you have the time in your schedule so it will not interfere with your studies.


The most common types of jobs for college students are internships. You can usually find out more about what is available through the career center on campus. These jobs usually do not pay much money, if any at all, as their main purpose is to provide students with learning experience for their major. These jobs are also ideal because the employer will work around the student's schedule. Doing an internship will help build up your resume so you have some of the experience necessary to enter the job market.

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Resident Assistant

Every college campus that has dorms will have resident assistants. These are students that help with other students in the dorms. They have responsibilities such as holding dorm meetings, making freshmen feel welcome and comfortable, conducting dorm inspections, and helping resolve roommate disputes. In return, resident assistants receive a private room and bathroom in the dorm as compensation.

Retail Jobs

If there are retail stores or a mall near the college, consider a part-time job in retail sales. Retail jobs are perfect for college students as the schedules are more flexible and the pay can be more than minimum wage.


Waiting tables at a restaurant is a job that can be flexible for a college student’s schedule. Depending on the type of restaurant you work for, you can probably earn quite a bit in tips, which will help pay for books for school and maybe even tuition. The catch to waiting tables is that you get paid a really low hourly rate and you are on your feet all day, however if you are good at the job and you are a people person, you can easily walk away with a nice payout in tips.

University Jobs

There are many jobs on campus that would be perfect for a college student. You could do anything from working in the bookstore stocking books to working the register in the dining hall. These jobs are sometimes given to work-study students first and then regular college students. When you fill out your FAFSA, make sure you indicate that you are interested in work-study so that you can be eligible for some of these jobs. If you are a work-study student, then your pay is usually applied to your outstanding tuition balance.

Whatever part-time job you take, make sure that you leave time for your studies. Do not overwhelm yourself because it will stress you out and in turn affect your course work. In the end, you will meet new people and add work experience to your resume.

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