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How to Write Creatively

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There will come a point in your college career where you will be given a writing assignment that will make you stretch your thinking, in order to be more creative. A lot of students excel in informational and research writing, as you just have to draw facts and present the information in your own words. However with creative writing, you will need to break out of your comfort zone and write something that is imaginative and inspiring.


When creating your characters for your story, make sure that you describe them fully so that your reader can capture an image. Be specific, making sure to pay attention to details about your character such as, “Wendy always wore a polyester shirt” or “Robert was famous for his southern accent.” Little details like this will help your reader clearly visualize your characters.


A lot of creative writing revolves around short stories and novels. The key to writing an engaging piece is to have an introductory paragraph or chapter that pulls in the reader. The first few sentences of a story will either make your reader put the story down, or make them want to read more. Throw in a little bit of description filled with suspense or maybe even a secret that may be revealed later in the story. Introduce your characters and describe them to your readers. Your goal is to get the reader to be interested enough to actually keep reading.

Climax and Ending

Every story, whether it is a short story or a novel, will have a climax. The climax of a story is where the dramatic high point occurs. You should be leading up to this point throughout the beginning of your story. If your narrative will be revealing a secret, then this is where it should be spilled. After the climax, the story should reveal the resolution of the climax, and finally end the story.


Poetry is difficult to write, as it is more delicate and emotional. Poetry is usually based on the writer’s experiences or life events. The best poems are usually those that do not rhyme and instead, just let the ideas flow. Try to be a little mysterious with the poem and let your reader create the meaning. Poetry is more of a free form that is more flexible, yet is much harder to write.

Creative Writing Tips

  • Be descriptive. This is the most important part of creative writing. Strong descriptions of characters, settings and events will make or break an author.

  • Be imaginative. Try to think of plots and ideas that are not common.

  • Collaborate. Ask peers, friends and family for ideas and advice. Try to gather the type of storylines that people would want to read.

Creative writing is a difficult form of writing to produce. Since it is not based on fact or research, you have to flex your mind a little bit and be imaginative and original. However, it is the most interesting type of writing to read, so if you can capture your niche and create your flow, you can come up with a good story that will entice and engage your reader.

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