How to Write a Term Paper

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We have all written a term paper or two throughout our academic careers, but at times the process can become very intimidating, especially for larger projects.

Below is a list of guidelines to follow on writing a term paper the correct way. Each step is outlined to help you get started.

Step One: Choose your Topic

The very first thing you should do before starting a term paper is choose a topic. If you are writing a specific term paper with the topic already given then you can skip to Step Two. Choose an interesting topic: try to choose something that you know something about or are interested in. The best term papers are written because the writer knew something or had previous experience about the subject they were writing about.

Step Two: Locate your Information

Back in the day students would traditionally go to the library and look in reference books and encyclopedias to get information. Today students are more likely to get their information off of the Internet. The web has hundreds of websites on any subject imaginable. With so many sites out there, try to stay close to the sites that offer correct information. Sometimes websites have information on a subject that was written in someone’s opinion, and not facts. Also, don't cite Wikipedia.

Step Three: Outline

Now you want to create an outline before you write. Your outline will include subtopics. You will base your term paper on:

  • A - Introduction
  • B - Body (this will contain most of the information)
  • C - Conclusion
  • D - Bibliography and Footnotes if any

Step Four: Organize your Notes

As you write your notes, you may be writing them as you find information on the subject. Once you have completed the research portion of your paper then you can organize your notes. Put them in chronological order and create a paper where the words make sense and flow nicely. Making the report too choppy will cause a decrease in your potential grade.

Step Five: Create a First Draft

You may have too much information or you may have too little. By creating a first draft you will see how long the report is and what information is necessary to keep in and what you need to take out.

Step Six: Revise

Make any necessary revisions to your report. You want to make sure that your report makes sense. You also want to make sure that you are getting your point across about the topic. You want to make the reader of the paper knowledgeable about your topic. You will also want to check for spelling and any grammatical errors in the work, which can be easily done if written on a computer.

Step Seven: Create the Final Paper

Finish writing and revising all of your content and make sure the term paper goes together and flows well, and that spelling and grammar is perfect. Create a bibliography of your sources and footnotes and proofread one more time.

Now you are all set to hand in your term paper!

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