How to Dress for a Job Interview

First impressions are key when you are interviewing for a job. You want to not only impress a potential employer with your education and experience, but you want to look your best as well.

Proper Interview Attire

Proper Interview Attire

What you wear to the interview could possibly seal the deal on a job for you. You could be the most qualified candidate for a position, but if you are wearing something that is too revealing, too sloppy or simply unprofessional, you will be overlooked very quickly.

Interview Dress Code

  • Women should wear skirts that are at least knee length or longer. Be conservative. Try to stay away from really high heels and open-toed sandals.
  • Women should stay away from clothes that are too tight and/or revealing.
  • Men should wear a suit and tie. Shirts should be tucked in and every button should be fastened.
  • Make sure your clothes are ironed and free of wrinkles and stains.
  • This may sound obvious, but make sure your clothes match. Try to choose colors that are neutral such as navy blue, black, white, or tan. Stay away from bright colors such as pink and red and try not to wear anything with a “print” to them such as flowers, plaids, and checks.
  • Remove any excess body piercings, such as a tongue ring, nose ring, or extra piercings in your ears.
  • Cover any obvious tattoos if necessary.
  • Women should choose nail polish that is light and conservative. Stay away from the black or orange nail polish. Go for a light pastel or clear color instead.


Your hair should be neat. If you are a woman, be sure to style your hair conservatively: a neat ponytail, bun or hair worn down neatly should suffice. Men should make certain that their hair is not overgrown and that they have shaved or trimmed their beard and mustache.


Women should put on as little makeup as possible. Do not overdo it on the foundation and keep the eye shadow and eyeliner light and natural. Wear neutral tone lipstick and blush. You do not want to go into an interview looking like you are ready to take your glamor shots. Basically, you should wear your makeup so it looks like you do not have any on at all.


Men and women should choose light scents that are not overpowering. Apply as little as possible as you do not want the interviewer to smell your perfume or cologne before they even meet you. Men should keep the aftershave to a minimum as well.


Sure you love to wear a ring on every finger and twenty bangles on your arms. However for interviewing purposes, tone the jewelry down to just one or two rings and maybe one bracelet. Men with pierced ears should remove their earrings.


Carry a portfolio, folder or briefcase. This will make you look professional and prepared. Even if you just have a pad of paper and a pencil, you will look the part that you are applying for.

You want to make sure you make a lasting impression. The basics of dressing for an interview are to be conservative and professional. If you are hired, you will be representing the company and you have to do that in a positive light.

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