Health Insurance for Students

Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance - Is it Necessary?

Typical students entering college can't be thrilled about having to dish out money for student health insurance. After all, if you take care of yourself, are never sick, and exercise regularly you won’t really need health insurance will you?

Well you will, and as a matter of fact, it might even be mandatory depending on the college you go to. A lot of schools have taken this to a whole new level and are actually requiring enrolled students to have an active health insurance plan.

Studies and medical research have shown that campus life is the ideal place for viruses and other diseases to grow and cause illness to the many tenants on a college campus. The very thing that makes it fun to live on campus could lead to plenty of doctor bills and hospital costs. Not to mention prescription costs, which seem to go up on a daily basis.

Sometimes students don’t even realize they no longer have health insurance because they used to be under their parent’s health plan. If you are depending on such insurance, make sure that you are still covered, even if you choose to go to college out of state.

If you are not and find yourself without insurance, many universities offer a quick solution to this problem by providing low-cost student health insurance plans designed specifically to cover illnesses and injuries to students while they are going to school.

In conclusion, your health should be a top priority and health insurance is not something you should try to skimp out on. The money you think you are saving by not having health insurance would be quickly wiped away if something did happen to you while you're in college. Having student health insurance gives you the peace of mind of being covered from most injuries that could occur on campus and gives you the satisfaction knowing you don’t have to break the bank every time you visit the doctor.

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