Dorm Room Pranks

Things can get pretty boring during the winter months. The restlessness, boredom, and additional time spent indoors create a prime environment for mischievous acts. Students in the dorms with too much free time on their hands can only lead to one thing: Dorm Room Pranks.

Here's a look at some of the most popular dorm room pranks pulled on fellow dorm mates.

10 Classic Dorm Room Pranks

1. The Upside Down Dorm Room Prank

2. The Foiled Dorm Room Prank

3. The Post-it Note Prank

4. Water Cups Prank

5. Multiple Alarm Clocks Prank

6. Tug of War Dorm Room Door Prank

7. Bowl of Water to the Ceiling Prank

A classic dorm prank that involves getting students to hold a bowl of water against the ceiling with a stick.

8. The Empty Dorm Room Prank

This is why you don't leave your dorm room unlocked.

9. Dorm Room Foam Prank

10. Dorm filled with Newspaper Prank