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Being able to download textbooks from the Internet saves you from the time and hassle it takes getting textbooks at the college bookstore. This form of textbook not only costs less, but is much easier to carry around. Now you can experience the ease and convenience of studying with eTextbooks for free.

CourseSmart is offering a free trial to those who wish to try out eTextbooks. CourseSmart is the largest provider of eTextbooks with a great selection that includes over 90% of the core textbooks in use today.

Simply head on over to CourseSmart and search for your textbook by Title or ISBN. Once you have selected your book, click on the ‘Start Free Trial’ button.

Free Trial from CourseSmart

You'll have free access to the online version of the eTextbook for 14 days or 50 page views, whichever comes first (An Internet connection is required anytime one wishes to view the online version of the eTextbook). When the free trial ends, you can purchase a subscription to the eTextbook if you wish to continue using it.

This free trial provides a great opportunity for students who have yet to use eTextbooks by giving them a chance to test the usability of digital textbooks. Some students will appreciate the convenience of using eTextbooks, while other students may find they still prefer traditional print textbooks when studying.

Other Details
To receive the free trial you will have to create a CourseSmart account. Registration requires a valid credit card to verify that you qualify for the free trial offer. A temporary $1 fee will be authorized to your credit card but no permanent charge from CourseSmart will appear on your bill for your participation in the Free Trial offer.

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Bonus: Those interested in audiobooks can also try one for free.

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