College Information

For prospective college students, it can be overwhelming to research all the different colleges and gather enough information to find the right college for you. However, there are many resources available to help you narrow down your selection and make an informed decision in your college search.

Talk to your Guidance Counselor

Every school has guidance counselors for their students. Make an appointment and sit down and talk with them about your future. They are there to help guide you in the right direction. They can help steer you towards the schools that have the areas of study you want. Some guidance counselors can even provide you with letters of recommendation that you will need for your college application. They can also help you with your financial aid forms and any applications and essays you may need to complete. Your high school guidance office is a valuable resource for your college search.

College Tours

These are trips that are usually sponsored by local high schools or community volunteers. They will take students by bus to many popular colleges in the area for a first-hand visit. Students may even get to stay overnight in one of the dorms, eat on campus, and they receive tons of information from actual students and professors on campus. This is a perfect opportunity for students to gain hands-on knowledge from colleges and universities in the area. Visit for more information on this unique opportunity.

College Fairs

Many schools and community centers host huge college fairs every year. Colleges and universities will set up an information booth and students can walk around and talk to the representatives and learn and ask questions and receive immediate information. Check with your high school guidance office to see when the next college fair will be in your area.

Research Colleges on the Internet

The Internet has a plethora of information on colleges that can assist you in your college search. You can learn so much by visiting college websites and browsing pictures, watching videos, and reading useful information and data they make available to prospective students. Most colleges will also have a form for you to request more information about their college so they can send you a packet full of pertinent information.

Word of Mouth

Ask your parents and other family members which college or university they attended. They can provide you with pros and cons of their college, which can help you make a better decision. They can also give you general college information that will help you prepare for the college experience.

Be proactive in your quest for college information. The more you learn, the more informed your decision will be and in the end the happier you will be. Attend college fairs, request information from colleges, and use the power of the Internet. These are all great resources for aiding in your search for the perfect college.

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