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The cost of tuition seems to be rising every year, making it hard to be able to afford college without going into massive debt. Students wishing to save on tuition should look at other cheap alternatives, which still provide a decent college education.

By far the cheapest choice is your local community college. This is especially the case at California community colleges, where in-state residents only pay about $20/credit.

If it's a 4-year school you wish to attend, a public in-state school is the way to go.

Some notable cheap and affordable colleges that offer a low in-state tuition rate include:

Find Cheap Colleges near you:
  • University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill - The University of North Carolina has been known for providing a high quality college education at an affordable price, making it one of the best bargain colleges out there. Part of the reason is they provide some of the best financial aid in the nation.

  • University of Florida - With an enrollment of almost 35,000, the University of Florida is the 3rd largest public university in the US. In 2006, Florida was ranked the top value college by the USA Today.

  • University of Virginia - Home to one of the best business schools, the University of Virginia is another example of a fine education at a great price. It awards very generous financial aid packages.

  • Florida State University - Yet another Florida school on the list of affordable colleges, Florida State covers about 70% of tuition and expenses with financial aid. While this is not as high as the University of Florida, it's something that can easily be covered with other scholarships.
  • San Diego State University - With only a $3122 in-state tuition, the only thing that may hurt you here is room and board, which can get quite expensive when living in San Diego.

  • College of William and Mary - William and Mary is one of a few colleges in the nation that offer its lower income applicants a full financial aid package, without student loans.

  • University of Nevada - The University of Nevada - Reno and University of Nevada - Las Vegas both cost about $3500 in tuition and fees.

  • Appalachian State University - Tuition and fees only add up to $3917 at this college with a rural setting.

  • University of Washington - The University of Washington is one of the best colleges to attend, and it even offers its in-state residents free tuition.

  • California State University - Long Beach - Many of the schools in the Cal State University system are cheap and affordable, with Long Beach being the cheapest college with a tuition rate of $2864.

Also consider these schools in which ALL students receive financial aid:

Others good for financial aid:

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