Best Sites for the College Student

Top 10 Websites for College Students

Here's a list of the 10 most useful websites for college students:

  1. Chegg - Not only can Chegg save you hundreds of dollars by renting your textbooks, they have other useful tools on their site like course reviews, homework help, and a class schedule builder.

  2. - This site has every possible thing you ever need to know about financial aid and paying for college. Easily the top resource on the web on the subject. SimpleTuition is good for comparing student loan rates and offers.

  3. StudyBlue - StudyBlue is used to study and prepare for exams (and better yet, actually learn and remember the material). With StudyBlue you can create digital flashcards and use them with their free mobile app, making it great for studying on the go.

  4. Wikipedia - A collaborative encyclopedia under a wiki platform.

  5. Koofers - A nice collection of college tools: test banks full of past exams, lecture notes and study guides, professor ratings, flashcard maker, class schedule generator, and grade distribution data.

  6. Reddit - News site where the stories are chosen by community members rather than editors.

  7. RateMyProfessors - Scope out new professors for the upcoming semester and rate and review the ones you just had. A comprehensive site with tons of reviews.

  8. - Bookmark your favorite webpages.

  9. YouTube - Video sharing.

  10. Facebook - Social networking for college.


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