Best Medical Schools

University of Washington Medical School

Medical schools can be classified into two categories: research and primary care. When you look at both, one of the better schools out there is the University of Washington, who is one of the top choices for both research and primary care. Not bad for a public school in the midst of ranks with other mostly private schools. Harvard gets the award for the most prestigious or sought after Medical School.

There are many great Medical Schools out there. Sometimes those with a high reputation (Harvard Medical School) can often overshadow other lesser prestigious, yet just of high quality Med Schools. Usually if a medical school ranks as a top med school, then their admission standards will be much higher. So, the Best Medical Schools may also be the hardest medical schools to get into.

The more difficult med schools put a lot of emphasis on the MCAT (Medical School Admissions Test), as well as other various admission guidelines such as academic history or admissions essays. Medical schools are very competitive and using entrance exams (ex: MCAT, BMAT, GAMSAT, etc) helps narrow the selection criteria. Overall it’s based mainly on GPA, MCAT score, the admissions essay, the interview, volunteer work, research and leadership experience.

Students who earn a degree from a top medical school will find that after college, they will be in high demand. This is nice because it allows you to pick and choose what you want to do after college. A privilege that is sometimes hard to come by for a normal student with a typical B.A. in Arts & Science.

The standard program length for Med School is four years long. The first 2 years are mostly done in the classroom, while the last two involve clinical work where students learn patient care first hand. Upon graduation, those who wish to go on to independent care for patients complete a residency (or supervised training) of 3-7 years. Other options include a fellowship, which is an additional two to three years of educational training in their area of expertise.

Here is a look at some of the top medical school programs:

Top Online Programs:

University of Cincinnati
University of Phoenix
  • University of Washington School of Medicine - The nation's top primary care medical school for 15 consecutive years. Also number one in federal research funding.

  • Harvard Medical School - A very prestigious school with a large and distinguished faculty.

  • Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine - Johns Hopkins is home to the best hospital in the nation and has been a model for most American medical schools since its founding.

  • UCSF School of Medicine - One of the best Medical schools on the west coast.

  • Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis - One of the world's leading centers for medical research and training.

  • Duke University School of Medicine - Duke has a huge Medical Center whose 90 buildings occupy 7.5 million square feet.

  • Stanford University School of Medicine - The longest running medical school in the western United States, known for its small class sizes.

  • Yale School of Medicine - The Yale medical library is one of the largest medical libraries in the nation, known for its historical collections.

  • UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine - University of North Carolina is one of the top schools for primary care.

  • Oregon Health & Science University - OHSU is a public university in Oregon combining dentistry, medicine, and nursing programs all into one.

Other Top Medical Schools
Michigan State University - College of Osteopathic Medicine
U.Texas in Dallas